Authority Magazine’s “5 Ways to Create a Wow! Customer Experience”

Cognizant Softvision Chief Architect, James Hartling, shares his expertise on creating a great customer experience

One negative review from a less than pleasant customer experience can have a resounding ripple effect on an organization. With consumers relying heavily on review sites like Yelp and other social media platforms for candid feedback, it’s safe to say customer experience is more important now than ever before. Whether it’s a restaurant or retail, or buying something online, or visiting a healthcare facility, the customer experience matters and there is no better motivation than to hear that a competitor is doing a better job.

James Hartling, Cognizant Softvision Chief Architect, was recently interviewed by Authority Magazine to give his expertise on what it takes to create a great customer experience and why it’s so relevant to today’s digital world. In “5 Ways to Create a Wow! Customer Experience, James shares his experience about a customer who was “wowed” by the experience that Cognizant Softvision provided and how it has impacted the delivery teams in future projects.

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