At the heart of Programmers’ Week

Day 3 of Cognizant Softvision’s largest technical event was filled with original and engaging presentations

Bucharest, Romania, September 11, 2019. As a proud father, Marian Voicu couldn’t avoid including his daughter’s picture on his presentation, “UX First”. She is  a toddler, and, like most young kids, is already familiar with smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and YouTube. Someday, the 32 year-old UX Community Lead will tell a surprised child that he grew up without the internet and that his first contact with a computer was at primary school. 

But yesterday, his audience was a different one; he gave a powerful talk on how to change the way products are delivered in order to stay competitive. “I proposed a UX first approach and focused more on the user experience delivery than on the features’ delivery”; summed up Marian. It was his first time leading a webinar at Programmers’ Week, a practice, he says, promotes team bonding, creates awareness of what our communities are doing and helps overcome public speaking anxiety.

Meanwhile, at 2 PM in the Argentinean afternoon, a three-speaker presentation about Clean Architecture filled the after lunch moment at our Buenos Aires Studio. With Guillermo Murano & Javier Páez in Vicente López and Matías Baldi in Bradenton, Florida, the .Net Community tech talk demonstrated how technology has shortened distances and facilitated communications. “We were a little bit nervous and, by the time we saw we had double than the expected assistants, we got excited”; Matias confessed. 

However, the one hour dialogue between the experts flowed naturally, and ended with a rich Q&A session. “Nobody should be afraid to be part of this initiative”; mentioned a relieved and giggling Guillermo a couple of minutes later. He also pointed out:  “this type of events are a great opportunity to share knowledge with others, while making the software community more solid. 

Wednesday, the third day of Programmers’ Week, came to and end with 9 talks broadcast globally from India, Romania and Argentina, and 34 talks delivered internally to our Cognizant Softvision global team.

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