Argentina Seeks Stability in a “Complicated” Year for Outsourcing

Softvision Featured in Nearshore Americas

January 11, 2019 – Softvision was recently featured in Nearshore Americas, a “multi-channel business built to inspire greater understanding and engagement with Latin America and the Caribbean.”

The article discusses the outlook for Argentina, politically and economically, for 2019. According to one analyst interviewed, 2019 will be a “‘complicated year’ with high inflation rates which may force more Argentine providers to raise pricing.”

Nearshore Americas also interviewed Softvision’s VP of Global Delivery, Inés Casares.

“Argentina has a long standing commitment towards growing and developing knowledge based industries, and particularly software development and new tech. I believe the current administration is on the right path because it is creating the necessary business environment for the sector to thrive, both for local companies and for foreign investors,” she said.

“Since the country is achieving a gradual control of inflation and considering the fact that presidential elections are coming up in October, we are optimistic that we will see a moderate improvement in economy in 2019.”

To read the full article, click here.

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