API First vs. Code First: Post-Webinar Questions and Key Takeaways

Cognizant Softvision follows up with Vlad Carcu, Java Team Lead, after his TechTalks Webinar

As a part of Angajatori de Top online event, TechTalks gathers the biggest local IT companies to participate in an online conference from March 20 – April 20, 2020.

Cognizant Softvision’s Vlad Carcu, Java Team Lead, participated in TechTalks Timisoara on March 31 with his webinar, “API First vs. Code First: The ‘why’s’ and ‘how’s’ of using Swagger, Spectral and openapi-generator-maven-plugin.” 

Vlad has worked as a Java developer for the past 12 years, five of which he spent in various tech lead or team lead positions, managing teams up to five people. He has been involved in both maintenance and greenfield projects and has led teams both locally and remotely. Currently, Vlad is also an influencer in the Cognizant Softvision Enterprise Coffee Community, involved in sharing knowledge and developing talent.

Vlad’s webinar was such a success that we decided to ask him a few questions following the event, including what he thinks are the most important takeaways from the webinar.

Q: What do you believe are the benefits of webinars and what is your experience with webinars?

A: I’ve been working remotely within Cognizant Softvision for the past two years, so basically all the presentations I held internally during this time were online. I didn’t have any difficulties setting things up from a connectivity perspective. 

However, this being my first external event, it was a bit different, with the added pressure of having an external audience and having to adhere to a stricter schedule.

The webinar itself went great. In spite of everything, people managed to get together and learn something new. Also, considering the number of attendees, the interaction between the presenters and the audience is limited no matter if it’s live or online, so the whole approach was very well suited. Overall, it was a refreshing experience. 

Q: What was the theme you chose to talk about and what was the purpose of the webinar?

A: The talk I gave focused on why people should choose an API First approach to development. In the first part, I compared it to the Code First approach, which is used a lot more often, and I’ve tried to highlight the key advantages API First has. 

For the second part, I prepared a live demo, with a client and a server, both developed using the API First approach. The purpose was to show people how easy everything is, the quality of the resulting API documentation and how having a contract benefits the development process.

Q: What were some of the most popular questions asked during the Q&A session?

The questions I received were related to the code demonstrated. 

One of the participants showed interest in exactly what classes and interfaces were generated automatically, based on the API file.

The other one was curious how the domain objects were mapped to the auto-generated DTOs.

The code used for this session is uploaded on github, so that participants could interact with it later on:

Q: What are the main takeaway points from your TechTalks webinar?

A: API First is a great approach. It’s easy to implement, especially in greenfield projects. It leverages improved collaboration, decreased risks related to change management, and an implicit ease in implementing API governance.

Q: What is the conclusion of your Java webinar? 

A: API First is very well suited for projects developed in parallel by multiple teams and, through the inherent refinement of the APIs, it promotes modularity and reusability.

Code first should be used in a complementary fashion, for documenting legacy projects and for possibly decreasing the time needed to deliver a POC.

The Angajatori de Top online job fair and Tech Talks sessions continue through April 20, 2020. Don’t forget to visit our virtual booth and chat with the enthusiastic recruiting team from the Timisoara Studio to learn more about Cognizant Softvision job openings. 


Angajatori de Top Timisoara Job Fair
When: March 20 – April 20
Where: Cognizant Softvision’s Virtual Booth

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