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A New Group of Talent Trained by Experienced Softvisioners Java Pre-Employment Training in Bucharest & Iasi Studios

At Cognizant Softvision, we are committed to growing and nurturing talent through our training programs across all our Studios in Romania.

Recently, new talented and passionate people completed their journey to become Java Developers with the help of our Cognizant Softvision Enterprise Coffee trainers in Bucharest and Iasi. Here are their stories.

Why did you choose to join our Java Pre-Employment Training?

“I chose this Java Pre-Employment Training because I wanted  to improve my java skills, and my friends told me that this pre-employment is a good start for improving my skills.” – Octavian Demisca

“I chose this Java Pre-Employment Training for my professional development.” – Patricia Bofu 

Describe the general atmosphere and interaction with trainers during the program

“Strong technically, very nice with personal interactions, and patience. Overall, I think people are lucky to work here.” – Cristian C.

“It was a very pleasant atmosphere, I would like to work in an environment like this one. Both our colleagues and those who guided us were professionals.” – Condrea Samuel Emanuel

“Great atmosphere, great people and professional trainers who have done everything they can to feel good here and learn as much as possible from their professional experience.” – Sorin Miron

What is your favorite part about working with Cognizant Softvision?

“Constant access to great people with huge technical knowledge.” – Cristian C

“The favorite part was my colleagues and the trainers. I felt very good in these four weeks, the atmosphere was very nice, everyone was trying to improve themselves and the trainers were there to help us.” – Venghiac Eduard

How do you plan to make an impact after this training?

“I would like to remain committed to Cognizant Softvision. It is a company in continuous development, but I would like to contribute to the growth of the company.” – Condrea Samuel Emanuel

“I want to further improve my Java skills and become an advanced programmer in the shortest time. And now, after this Training, I want to do all this at Cognizant Softvision.” – Sorin Miron

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

“I’m proud of how I’ve been able to grow and improve myself in less than four weeks. I have gained a lot of knowledge and, besides that, I have gone through a beautiful experience with my pre-employment colleagues and with my Cognizant Softvision colleagues that I’ve met.” – Patricia Bofu

What advice would you give to others who are considering applying for a Cognizant Softvision training program?

“You will learn some serious stuff about java that will help you in the future if you want to be a developer. The atmosphere day by day is always relaxing.” – Octavian Demisca

“Be ready to work hard every day, but know that it will really be worth it since you will clearly grow!” –  Cristian C.

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