Dec 4, 2019 · by Softvision Team

A Delicious Chocolate Friday to Fight the Winter Blues in Timisoara

Timisoara, Romania, November 29, 2019 – We just discovered what we all have in common at our Cognizant Softvision Timisoara studios… and besides the obvious of working together, we all love chocolate! So, the team made a special day out of it at the end of November – satisfying our sweet tooth with our very own Chocolate Day! Because what’s better than Friday? It’s a Friday with chocolate and we had a ton of it!

Each one of us delighted our taste buds with fresh fruit dipped in chocolate fountains. If you were curious, yes, it was hard to work near rivers and rivers of delicious sweet delights, but all the sweet breaks gave us a spike of energy and productivity. So maybe we will start a tradition.

The two social events of the day were a witty quiz and a mouth-watering chocolate tasting. Our colleagues’ knowledge of chocolate history was put to the test and the best team won a cake made out of Kinder chocolate bars. It was as awesome as it sounds. At the chocolate tasting, everyone had to guess six different types of chocolate, from salty chocolate, to flavors like piña colada. We had a blast trying all the different sortiments.

If you’re a foodie, you would be a perfect fit in our team, believe us!


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