Feb 5, 2018 · by Softvision Team

4 Digital Transformation Trends To Watch In 2018

Field Technologies published Softvision's Digital Transformation Trends.

Embracing digital transformation requires four primary elements:

  • Commitment from the Top: First, a top-level management decision has to be developed and communicated enterprise-wide, along with a coherent budget for how to get the process moving
  • Corporate Culture: A culture needs to be fostered that promotes, rewards, and embraces innovation, technology, and experience design, ultimately allowing employees to explore and imagine new journeys
  • Assembling the “A” Team: Talent matters, and talent needs to be assembled that is relevant, well versed in the latest technologies, and one that truly believes in digital transformation
  • The ‘Agile Pod’ Approach: An ability to pivot, to pursue new directions, and a proper approach to continually evolve these goals. This approach is known as ‘agile pods’ that help nurture and propel agility and team maturity throughout digital journeys

Read the rest of the article here – https://www.fieldtechnologiesonline.com/doc/digital-transformation-trends-to-watch-in-0001

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