Oct 26, 2020 by Softvision Team

16 Ways Tech Leaders Can Build Real Team Camaraderie

Forbes Tech Council features Cognizant Softvision CEO, Andres Angelani

Nothing can help shape or break a company like culture and the teams that shape it. In an industry like Tech, where so often developers are buried in code and focused at the seemingly impossible task du jour, building camaraderie takes a finite amount of skill. Software product engineering is not up to one individual, rather a collective group of people working together to complete on time and within budget, therein lies the challenge. Build a team and build it in a way that inspires creativity, encourages collaboration, yet allows for autonomy.

Forbes Tech Council recently highlighted Andres Angelani in “16 Ways Tech Leaders Can Build Real Team Camaraderie” – showcasing tested and effective ways tech leaders can encourage camaraderie among their teams, and ultimately leading them to success. In the article, Andres explained that, “The best thing tech leaders can do to build culture is to simply be available,” a nod to the often times leaders are “too busy” to get in the weeds with a nuance. Angelani also mentions that companies should also not forget to celebrate contributions with purposeful feedback and recognition.

Forbes Technology Council is comprised of successful CIOs, CTOs and other executives, offering firsthand insights on tech and business.

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