10 ways to get the most from Facebook’s Workplace

Softvision Featured in Computerworld’s Article on Best Workplace Practices

August 29, 2018 – Softvision was highlighted in Computerworld’s recent article which revealed 10 ways companies are making the most of Workplace by Facebook, the enterprise social network used by over 30,000 companies around the globe.

Computerworld, “The Voice of Business Technology,” gathered tips from early adopters, including Softvision. As Softvision’s use of Workplace was recently recognized by Facebook, Computerworld reached out to Softvision for comments.

Some of the tips listed in the article include: “Start by managing expectations;” “Get the C-Suite on board;” “Give employees Kudos;” “Share relevant industry news automatically;” and “Take advantage of the ‘one-stop shop.’”

The article’s section on how to “take advantage of the ‘one-stop shop” reveals that Workplace integrates with a wide variety of platforms, tools and services. What’s more, some integrations allow users to get even more out of the tools or platforms you are already using, such as Zoom conferencing platform.

Fausta Ballesteros, Director of Marketing and Communications at Softvision, revealed how businesses can benefit from using Workplace integrated with existing tools or platforms.

“‘In the past, when we wanted to host a global conference for employees, we’d have to pay for 2,500 seats in Zoom to increase the webinar’s attendee capacity. Now we only pay for up to 10 seats in Zoom, and then we live-stream the Zoom webinar on Workplace to the entire company. In addition, people can post their feedback or ask the speaker questions instantly in the Workplace live-stream. It gives our CEO and employees the chance to get their questions answered in real time. And the Workplace video is automatically saved, so people can watch it later if they weren’t able to attend.’”

Other tips the article covers include: “Update your company’s page daily;” “Create a weekly roundup of important posts;” and “Encourage innovation.”

The tenth tip, “Encourage innovation” also features Softvision’s use of Workplace.

“Workplace makes an ideal forum for developing and sharing ideas. For example, Softvision hosted a company-wide project, the Innovation Pod Challenge, on Workplace. ‘The aim was to encourage people from all areas of the business to come up with new ideas and technology to benefit our clients,’ says Ballesteros.”

The article continues, mentioning how Softvision created a Workplace group for the project and unveiled it with a live-streaming video announcement. Later on, the strongest ideas were pitched to the executive team via live-streaming video.

Ballesteros was quoted, saying, “The top three ideas that combined innovation, product insight and business change were chosen and are now in the process of being brought to life.”

To read the full article, click here.

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