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Junior Technical Architect

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We marry design and engineering language in ways that produce impactful and memorable experience journeys. We partner all the way to continuously improve our clients’ digital maturity. Our Studio network brings the optimal combination of skill, scale, and cost for each stage of the product development lifecycle. And to do this we need great transformational people that want to impact the projects and organizations that they work with. 

We are looking for an exceptional  Junior Technical Architect/ Technical Analyst to work with our cross-functional team, and join our world-class community of talented experts. Core to this need are expertise in:

  • Responsibilities:

    - Work with teams across the enterprise to deliver solutions and process improvements for self-install procedures for the client's product lines, drastically reducing customer interaction with care agents and field techs.

    - Work with technical and non-technical teams, providing input into scoring & claiming, application design sessions, and acting as a SME through implementation of solutions.

    - Create & update technical requirements via HLD, sequence diagrams, process flows, & use cases based on business requirements created by a BA and with input and review from business and technical stakeholders.

    - As knowledge is gained, become the representative for aligned projects with reduced oversight from direct manager.


    Experience With:

    - REST APIs

    - Enterprise architecture

    - Solution design & process improvement

    - Creating & working with design documents & requirements for technical audiences


    Soft Skills:

    - High learning agility

    - Keen attention to detail

    - Drive solutions to completion


    Nice to Have:

    - Previous experience with Broadband, Telecom, or similar fields.


    Day to Day:

    The self-install process is taking much longer than expected for customers. You have completed the review of the data flow and see there is a batch process required to run to provide critical information to move the install process forward. The process runs every 15 minutes. You reach out to the team that owns the process to better understand the reason why it is run in batch and discuss options to change the process. You drive the discussion to understand level of effort and impact of the change on other processes. You then review API documentation against the calls being made to retrieve data to see if the same data is available earlier in the flow. Through your analysis, you determine can get the data earlier as part of another process, but it needs to be captured and passed to an additional application to ensure processes stay synced. You work with the architect and business analyst over the next few days to put together a change request for the update that includes an update to the self-install app to ensure it displays the right status to the user. You update the sequence diagrams and HLD you put together a few months ago to reflect the changes and review them with impacted teams to ensure the requirements are understood. 


    There's a scoring and claiming meeting for a new initiative. During the meeting, there's a requirement for a capability that seems directly at odds with a current implementation. You raise a concern and take away the action to review current capabilities and feasibility of the request. You summarize your findings, review with SMEs on the team, and provide a recommendation on how to proceed.


    During a JAD session there's a conflict between the responsibilities of two different teams. Either one could make an API call and share the data with the other, and this situation is a little different than the customary arrangement. You work with the teams to come to a decision about who will retrieve the data and share it, and make sure your design documents highlight this change.

Ideally you will also have:

  • Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science, Physics or Mathematics (Graduate Degree always is a plus
  • 3-5 years experience in Software Development
  • An Agile mindset with experience working in Agile environment
  • A spirit of collaboration and transparent communication
  • A natural curiosity for new scripting languages , frameworks and technologies 
  • High personal code/development standards (peer testing, unit testing, documentation, etc)

We are a thriving Community of top technology talent that is globally connected. We Engage, Make, Run and Evolve the technology that makes many brands that you know and love. So let’s take this journey together. No matter where you are on your digital career roadmap, we can help you grow and have fun doing it. 

Cognizant Softvision is an Equal Opportunity Employer. No 3rd Party Agency Candidates.


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