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Sr. .NET Developer

Dallas, TX




We marry design and engineering language in ways that produce impactful and memorable experience journeys. We partner all the way to continuously improve our clients’ digital maturity. Our Studio network brings the optimal combination of skill, scale, and cost for each stage of the product development lifecycle. And to do this we need great transformational people that want to impact the projects and organizations that they work with. 

We are looking for an exceptional Sr. .NET Developer to work with our cross-functional team, and join our world-class community of talented experts. Core to this need are expertise in:


  • Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft .NET Framework/Core using the C# language
  • Developing Web applications and RESTFul Web Api’s, using ASP.NET , MVC
  • Designing and Implementing, Microservice, n-tier architectures
  • Design Patterns such as, Dependency injection,  Onion Pattern
  • Following software development principles such as S.O.L.I.D.
  • Developing distributed systems using WCF, XML, Web Services and Messaging system.
  • SQL proficient; handling complex, nested and recursive queries, using SQL Server 2008 R2+
  • Entity Data Modeling, using frameworks such as Microsoft’s Entity Framework, Hibernate/nHibernate
  • Implemented UI using HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, jQuery and AJAX to create responsive web pages.
  • Async, Multi-Threaded, Concurrent, Multi-User development

Required Qualifications:

  • Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science, Physics or Mathematics (Graduate Degree always is a plus)
  • At least 6 years of experience in .NET Development 
  • Unit Test/Integration Testing experience
  • An Agile mindset with experience working in Agile environment
  • A spirit of collaboration and transparent communication
  • A natural curiosity for new scripting languages, frameworks and technologies 
  • High personal code/development standards (peer testing, unit testing, documentation, etc.)

Nice to Have: 

  • Eventing experience preferred (Rabbit MQ, Azure Eventing, Active MQ, etc.)

We are a thriving Community of top technology talent that is globally connected. We Engage, Make, Run and Evolve the technology that makes many brands that you know and love. So let’s take this journey together. No matter where you are on your digital career roadmap, we can help you grow and have fun doing it. 

Cognizant Softvision is an Equal Opportunity Employer. No 3rd Party Agency Candidates.


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