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Perl Developer

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Cognizant Softvision is a fast-growing global digital development company. We help global companies in the areas of enterprise application development and integration, automation and machine learning, agile transformation, big data and analytics, full-stack web, mobile, IoT, design and UX, QA and testing, infrastructure, and digital commerce. 

We are looking for an exceptional Perl Engineer to work with our cross-functional team and join our world-class community of talented experts .


For this position you should be able to check the following:

  • 3+ years of experience with PERL
  • Would be a plus to have good experience with security-related work
  • Able to work with complex data structures in PERL.
  • Able to work with PERL OOP and its extensions (Moo, Moose).
  • Able to work with DBs from PERL via DB/DBIx modules.
  • Able to work with JSON input via PERL for parsing, validation, object to JSON and JSON to object conversions. (JSON::Validator, JSON::Parse, JSON::XS).
  • Able to use PERL to read file entries into variables (Config::Tiny) or perform FTP/SSH connections and operations (Net::SSH, Net::FTP). 
  • Familiar with working or administering linux servers via the command line.
  • Familiar with the apache2 server on linux servers (config locations, log locations, virtualHost configuration).
  • Familiar with a previous PERL web framework (Mojolicious/Dancer/Catalyst).


A day in the life of a Perl Engineer:

  • Artfully create high-quality code with performance in mind
  • Be part of a magical team of professionals who loves to learn and analyze the feasibility of new frameworks, platforms or patterns
  • Seek out and push the team to do better. Know your skills, love to share them, know your boundaries and thrive to learn from and with your team

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