DevOps Engineer

Romania, Romania

We are looking for an exceptional DevOps Engineer (AWS, Puppet/Chef, SVN, GIT) to work with our cross-functional team, and join our world-class community of talented experts.

For this position you should be able to check the following:

  • You know your Linux servers. What makes them tick, and where to look when they don’t
  • You understand the roads network packages use to get to the other side
  • You usually write a script to automate some repeating task. Even if it sometimes takes longer than doing the task
  • It’s been a while since “cloud” made you look up. You’ve worked with various cloud components and you have that written in code
  • Your configuration management doesn’t involve clicks
  • You’ve put enough pipelines in place to earn a plumber certification
  • When somebody says containers you have a very low expectation that ships will be involved
  • You know better than to put all your eggs (or servers) in one basket
  • Monitoring and logging. No joke about that

A day in the life of a DevOps Engineer:

  • Work within a community of 70+ devops engineers
  • Design and work on architecture that is built for rapid scaling and high availability
  • Automate. We believe that if a machine can do it, it should
  • Promote the devops culture. You know what advantages it brings, not everybody does
  • Innovate. We like to use the best tool for each use case, and our clients expect us to
  • Work with some of the following technologies and tools: AWS, Azure, GCP, Openstack, Terraform, Cloudformation, Jenkins, Gitlab, Azure Devops, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Puppet, Bash, Python, Go, ELK, New Relic, Splunk, Sumologic, Datadog

Cognizant Softvision Employee Benefits
•  Flexible Work Schedule - Outside of main work hours, you can create a schedule that suits your needs. 
•  Hybrid workplace -  Whether you like to work from home or go to the office, the choice is yours! 
•  Annual Vacation Days - 26 days to relax, explore and spend time with loved ones. 
•  Trainings, workshops and certifications, unlimited Udemy subscription and more. 
•  Private medical package 
•  Meal tickets
•  Referral bonuses
•  Life insurance 
•  Banking services 
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  1. Great globally diverse culture
  2. Flexible work-life balance
  3. Ongoing career development
  4. Relocation opportunities
  5. Competitive Salary

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