Inventory Planning

Control Your Inventory Before it Controls You!

Inventory is a retailer’s largest asset and investment expense. How it’s managed directly impacts sales, profits and cash flow, since your purchases and their timing impact in-stock levels, operating expenses associated with backorders, and gross margin reductions from overstock markdowns.


What you can achieve with it

Optimize Inventory

Maximize customer service and minimize freight and handling costs at all store and distribution center locations

Accurate Weekly Demand

Ensure accurate views of weekly demand and projected inventory position by product and SKU for all locations

Prioritize Action

Your team will be organization to take action with exception reports advising inventory priorities – both shortages and overages

Recommend Purchase Orders

Reduce costs associated with purchasing with recommended orders created for total need across all channels factoring lead times, safety stock, inventory stock position, vendor commitments, Economic Order Quantities and container capacity

Integrate Promotional Plans

Taking expected marketing promotions into account in your weekly demand plan ensures accurate inventory amounts