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Customer Journeys and your business will be affected by emerging technologies that you need to have a plan for, to beat the competition, succeed and defend against external disruption.

In an open source world of connected everything, increased urbanization and smart cities, autonomous transportation, secure digital identities, data enabled business models and a growing AI and robot workforce, systematic innovation is a must.

Blockchain enables data and resources to be delivered securely at scale. This provides a once in a generation opportunity to redesign our financial system, enable digital identities and deliver applications in more efficient and automated ways.
AI & Machine Learning
AI and machine learning are more evident each day, with the smart home as well as industry powered by more data from the IOT and collected in the cloud.. The way humans and machines interact is at a moment of significant change.
Internet of Things
IOT enables experiences and platforms that connect people and things to inform anything from the supply chain, to machine maintenance to the smart home. Efficiency, improved decision making ability and the increased capabilities of technology are having a profound effect.
The cloud is already here - but it is becoming ever more central in enabling business to fundamentally shift competitive landscapes by transforming internal operations, customer relationships and industry value chains as experiences become more context driven and ecosystems more connected.
AR and VR are immersive ways of how we can interact with information in everyday life. Entertainment of course is embracing new ways of telling stories, but how we learn, how we work and how we communicate is forever changed.
Voice Control
Voice control is changing our relationship with the tech we use every day becoming a natural natural way to interact with what powers the way we live. The open platforms are enabling the voice interface with the ability to do everything from turning on the heating to ordering a taxi, meaning screens lesser role and a must in CX strategy.
Advanced Analytics
Rapid growth in customer touch points and connected devices means more data that can have insight extracted unlocking data as a strategic asset for success revealing new business decision making capabilities and insight. With trusted data we can understand more and waste less.
Open Source
Open source everything enables our builders to use the best of technology as building blocks, rather than starting from square one each time. Now systems are interconnected and can evolve and grow because sharing is at their core.


We understand that you need

to drive innovation from within your business

We understand that you need to drive innovation from within your business

We understand that you need to drive innovation from within your business – but need help operationalizing and executing this. Innovation now needs to be the heart and the soul of your business – and our Labs pods are designed to be an integrated part of your team in order to uncover transformational innovation that will drive the company forward. Our guild communities work on your behalf as a global brain trust of specialists that the Labs pods are integrated into, keeping eyes on the horizon of opportunity.

We support our customers in making sure there is a strategy to ensure innovations can impact across the business and make it onto the roadmap – not just in silos where innovations make limited impact.

A labs pod is a team that is dedicated to the innovation pipeline of your business.

A labs pod is a team that is dedicated to the innovation pipeline of your business.

We work with you to

Identify opportunities

We work with you to identify opportunities from across your business, focusing on your end customers to define your innovation goals.

Prototype and Learn

We look to the future of your business, systemizing innovation,running multiple experiments, learning at a lower cost and leveraging our guild community expertize.

Partner with the future

We leverage the ecosystem of innovative startups, companies and technologies, collaborating to get to market faster, with best in class solutions.

Create your future roadmap

Lab innovations are meant for scale, rooted in your business and customer reality, focused on impact. After validation, experiments move into a production pod, becoming the future of your digital business.

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