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Communities of Experts

Our Guilds are global teams with deep digital experience in their areas of expertise. We work as cross-functional teams helping to drive innovation and establish new programs, products and other opportunities to pursue.


Talent Hubs

We work as cross-functional teams. Each guild is a world-class community of expert talent in an area of expertise. Through our guilds, we connect talent from around the world and infuse technology and design innovation in every team. Guilds are globally connected and locally represented at every Cognizant Softvision Studio.

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Cognizant Softvision at its core, connects talent globally, learning & growing together. Through our Guilds we infuse technology and design innovation in every team.


Insights from Our Guilds

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Async in Java

Asynchronous programming is a vast topic, one that has been widely discussed, yet software engineers still look for ways to implement and integrate it into applications. As a Senior Software ...