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For over 20 years, Cognizant Softvision has been revolutionizing web design and development. In fact, we have been major code contributors to the Mozilla browser since 2010. We know web and understand its role not only as a standalone approach, but as part of a more complex, integrated, and multichannel customer journey.


Because of our unique agile pod on our guild system, we rapidly iterate and resource to a network of world-class experts, which means not only our clients are connected but they’re engaged. Companies like AT&T, Farmer’s Insurance, Mulesoft, Seagate and WePay turn to us to build award-winning web features that attract customers, aid internal resources, provide patient care improvement and drive sales.



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Reach your users and tell your story


Users demand a lot from their web experiences. They demand better designs, intuitive interfaces, meaningful content, short load times, on any device, anywhere in the world. As digital natives ourselves we understand these demands. Utilizing cutting edge web technologies, we create immersive web experience to bring your brand to life and reach your users wherever they are.


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