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Anticipating The Customer's Needs

Mobile technology is the most direct and personal way companies can connect with their clients. Today’s users engage on their own terms: when, wherever and as long as they want. If they are not satisfied with the user experience offered, they will turn somewhere else building elegant mobile is an effective way to increase engagement. Digitally evolved brands stay focused on creating mobile experiences that anticipate the customers’ needs, and provide value before they even know they need it.


At Cognizant Softvision, we build groundbreaking apps for companies all around the world, used by millions of users and still counting. Our agile pods are made of guild members who are part of a community of experts that share information and recipes for success. By partnering with Cognizant Softvision, our clients accelerate innovation that connects them to their customers in a mobile-first world.



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We design, implement and validate native solutions using Java/Kotlin, specifically tailored for Android-powered smartphones and tablets. We handle a wide range of technological stacks that encompass clean and testable architectures, hardware integrations, proper networking with offline support, data aggregation and processing, integration with AI/ML/AR, and beautiful UX to achieve the right look and feel.

Alin Turcu

Alin Turcu

Mobile Guild Master


Alin Turcu is passionate about new technologies, application design, architecture, and the integration of different software systems. He started doing mobile right when Android and iOS launched and now he is one of the top figures in the mobile world, being invited as a speaker at conferences like Droidcon Cluj, Droidcon SF, Droidcon Berlin and MobOS. In his role as a Mobile Guild Master, Alin is helping people in the community to stay on top of technology trends and deliver high-quality apps for our customers.


Guild Insights

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