Performance Gamification FOR SOFTWARE DELIVERY


Great product outcomes, that’s the goal right?

Great product outcomes, that’s the goal right?

The Game of Pods platform arms product delivery teams with a structured,
client-business-KPI-focused roadmap for continuous improvement.


Encouraging team members to grow in their skills personally, as a Pod, and around the project. Game of Pods lets teams and clients track progress along that journey.

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We don't need
no badges

  • Badges & Trophies are the reward system of Game of Pods.
  • Built around client KPIs, project deliverables, and team-member professional growth, these checkpoints for accomplishment guide team member goals, day by day.
  • The result? Better outcomes for the software products we build.
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A KPI engine
for agile

Improving projects

  • Promotes Agile best practices
  • KPI reports for stakeholders
  • Pushes autonomy & teamwork
  • Scalable for global teams

Improving talent

  • Visualize target achievements
  • Collaborate more with their Pod
  • Track progress towards goals
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Our Teams

31 Communities and 10,000+ Engineering, Design, and Product specialists formed into guilds of craftspeople that deliver software products for clients.


Game of Pods is the performance gamification platform that we use daily to deliver continuous improvement & impact.

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Our teams

Game of Pods is now open to our client teams. Your teams.


How could your delivery team improve & transform with
Agile-centered performance gamification on their side?


Clear paths to success, social incentives to collaborate, communicate, and problem solve, and goals built specific around the project.

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Deliver better business outcomes through every digital project. Ready to learn more about Game of Pods?

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Game of Pods is just one of many critical pieces
of our outcomes-first delivery model.


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