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Who we are

One of the largest Cross Mobile Communities

Deep and wide knowledge base

The most requested tech stack on the market

Deep and wide knowledge base

Multiple projects across the domains

Industries like Fintech, Automotive, e-Commerce, Healthcare, Customer relationships, Lifestyle

We have credible expertise

You will get the chance to work with really experienced engineers

Seamless integration with the UI/UX team

Closely working with the UI/UX team to create exceptional user experience

eXperience a true Sense of Community

Our colleagues are engaged in many tech talks and local meetups. There’s no better feeling than feeling like you’re at home, while at work.


Our Mobile Cross Platform Technologies

Web developers, Android developers, iOS developers, and of course pure Cross mobile developers work together – in one community.


Each developer brings their lessons learned and challenges from previous experiences, how solutions were used and crafted, and from that, they’ve helped develop a guide we use to tackle every project, but at the end of the day, every project is slightly different and presents its own challenges so added them to the list of libraries we use: 


  • State management: Redux, MobX
  • Navigation: React Navigation, React Native Navigation
  • Network: Axios, Apollo (state, cache and fetch – REST and GraphQL)
  • Redux middlewares:  Redux Thunk, Redux Sagas
  • Native: in-house libraries if possible 


We typically like to build our inhouse native libraries and reuse them on multiple projects, whenever possible. So, if you have experience building iOS or Android applications this might be your next challenge, make them as extensible as possible, reuse them in as many cases as possible and share your findings by exposing the library to the public.


Our Projects


As a long standing partner to our client, we proposed a new approach to doing business, resulting in two applications for both franchisees and mechanics. Both of them were built with an emphasis on user experience and performance. 

The end result was a better way the mechanics received their news and information from their regional sales person about the latest tools that could ease the work they do in the workshop.


Rethinking the previous application with only one goal:  improve the old one. Our team ensured that the user could use the application from the first try, crafting an entirely new user experience. The challenge was to redesign the application, and re-organize the flow, all within a limited time.  Thankfully React Native offered plenty of support to do all this and more.


What if you could shop without actually physically shopping for furniture? You won’t need measuring tape or a truck for freight.

What started as a community challenge, quickly became one of our favorite projects. Using AR to see items from the shopping cart right to a place in your own room – this project is excitingly innovative!


Sense of Community