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Who we are

One of the largest iOS communities

Deep and wide Knowledge Base

We are driven by innovation

Apple Pay implementation showcased at WWDC

We focus on quality

1st place in US App Store

We are building large scalable solutions

Hundreds of millions of active users, as we speak

Work with really experienced iOS engineers

15+ years of mobile development. One of the first companies that launched iOS apps

eXperience a true Sense of Community

Great chance to learn and share ideas participating in our internal tech talks


Our iOS Community Ecosystem

Our goal is to build performant mobile apps with a “think different” mindset. Do you want to craft mobile solutions for hundreds of millions of users worldwide while keeping in touch with the latest technologies? This is the right community for iOS developers who are passionate about building quality and innovative mobile applications. 

The projects we work on vary in size, tech stack, procedures and business domain, but we make a good habit of keeping everyone in sync with best practices and proper technical solutions:

  • Every new project currently starts with Swift; every project previously started in Objective-C is in the process of migrating to Swift.
  • We focus a great deal of time on code quality and take the testing pyramid very seriously. We promote running unit, integration and end-to-end tests automatically through CI pipelines. We have also implemented snapshot testing to ensure a better code quality.
  • We are working with distributed teams and building large-scale iOS applications.
  • We love to automate workflows, such as CD pipelines and we have experience in using multiple solutions for app distribution (AppStore, TestFlight, Firebase) 
  • We follow the Apple Human Interface Guidelines (app architecture, design, interactions) and focus on building the best native experience.
  • We focus on the latest technologies and use the knowledge of the entire community to build great products.
  • We have the knowledge and practical experience in the client or internal projects with multiple architectures (MVVM, MVC, MVVM-C, MVP, Redux), networking tools (Swagger), databases (CoreData, Realm, Firebase), various frameworks (RxSwift, RxCocoa), as well as the niche tech stacks like ARKit, CoreML. 
  • We started to implement Swift UI and Combine.
  • We are developing apps for iOS, MacOS, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch. 

We take iOS development very seriously! How about you?

Swift UI


Our Projects


Cognizant Softvision has helped a digital retailer transform into a $2 billion-dollar empire. The mobile retail app was rated as the best retail app in 2016 and is one of the top 25 most used mobile apps in the US. The mobile experience solutions drives more than 2 billion in revenue annually.

  • A history of 10+ years of collaboration, starting with 1 QA and 1 iOS Engineer, and transforming into a team of 111 QA and 50 Mobile Engineers split across several technologies and platforms 
  • Constant growth: building features over features, setting down processes and developing further 
  • Solution proposals + decision making (technical, architectural or process-wise) 
Mobile Browser

Cognizant Softvision has been working with this famous mobile browser since 2009, when it all started with one test engineer. Currently, the headcount is just under 100 engineers, including manual & automated testing, DevOps, and Android and iOS development. Along the way, our Android & iOS engineering teams have developed and maintained multiple mobile applications for both platforms.

The client called for quick help, and Cognizant Softvision answered! 12 Softvisioners volunteered to help the client in meeting the deadline for the search engine race.


Cognizant Softvision has helped this partner become one of the leading US based technology companies that provides cloud-based services for remote control, home automation and monitoring services.  We started small (one iOS Developer), but have blossomed into a position where we now help on all fronts:

  • Covering work on both operating systems, iOS & Android, and all major platforms like phones, tablets, watches even TVs.
  • We help drive native features and innovation projects that cover a large variety of devices: cameras, sensors, locks, energy meters, and various 3rd-party IoT (solar panels, intercoms, car connectors, thermostats)
  • We create proprietary standalone frameworks – covering video playing or image processing or UI components


Sense of Community