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Who we are

One of the largest communities

Great knowledge base

We’re a fast growing community

We’ve doubled our community within the last two years. Let’s grow together!

We deliver software products for all industries

Industries like healthcare, insurance, Fintech, education, many of which are top fortune 500 companies, benefit from our expertise.

We have credible expertise

Full Stack Web is the name of our game, and we know it well - tech and people included.

Work with really experienced engineers

We hire the best of the best - and you’ll get the great opportunity to learn and share ideas amongst colleagues.

eXperience a true Sense of Community

Our colleagues were engaged in over 100 tech talks and local meetups last year.


Our Full Stack Web Community Technologies

There’s a high chance you’ll have a head start on any of our projects if you’re already familiar with the technologies relevant to Full Stack Web (see below). This means you’ll already know part of the frameworks used, and with that you can focus more on understanding the business of the application. 

If you’re not an experienced user quite yet, there’s still time to learn, using the list below as a starting point. 

Most widely used technologies: 

  • ReactJS, Angular, VueJS, EmberJS, Next.js – most used front-end frameworks
  • Express.JS, Koa.JS, Nest.JS – most used Node.JS frameworks
  • JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Go Language, Perl – our “spoken” languages
  • Jest, Mocha, Storybook, Jasmine, Cypress, Puppeteer – our go to unit testing tools
  • NgRX, RxJS, Redux, MobX, Vuex – our top choices for state management libraries
  • MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB – our top choices for databases
  • ElasticSearch – acting as a proxy for full text searches


There’s so much in Full Stack Web that you can be an expert on – no matter what your preferred technology or approach is – our community awaits your expertise.


Our Projects


Our client, an international energy, services and solutions company is focused on satisfying the changing needs of the customers in an evolving energy market.


By offering solutions for home energy management, remote diagnostics and monitoring, the company is the leading smart home technology provider in the UK and Ireland, providing families of smart products and services that are designed to make daily living easier. Additionally, consumers can lower their bills, improve their green footprint, and monitor their energy usage. Our teams of experts are up for the task – serving as an influence to the strategic growth of the customer SaaS platform and working with the latest technologies: Typescript, ReactJS, Nodejs, AWS lambda to successfully deliver.


As the largest university press in the world, based in the UK, but publishing in many countries and in more than 40 languages, and in a variety of formats–print and digital, our client is held to the highest standards of customer experience.


Our team of experts are building a powerful new platform that combines English Language Teaching digital services into a more coherent offer and allows users to access in-scope ELT services via a single point of entry and to receive all entitlements with a single code.


Plans to rebuild the authentication, authorization, and SSO for the platform in order to resolve the existing performance issues are in the pipeline utilizing expertise from developers well versed in NodeJs, AWS Lambda, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL.


Our client, an American company that provides software, consulting and technology, also makes self-service kiosks, point-of-sale terminals, automated teller machines, check processing systems, and barcode scanners.


Our team of experts is redesigning and rewriting the React app centered PoS UI, and is developing the web API that is used for the server communication utilizing tools such as React, Typescript, Formik, YUP, Axios and Cypress.


Sense of Community