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Who we are

20+ years

of high-quality delivered software

We are .NET experts

We leverage the combined community knowledge using .NET Core and .NET 5, as well as tools and frameworks to deliver excellent quality for our partners

We build cross-platform solutions

We are always ready to tackle cross-platform, highly scalable, Cloud-focused solutions

Great chance to learn and share

You will get the chance to work with experienced engineers

We are crafting enterprise solutions

for clients from Fortune 500 companies in domains like Healthcare, Automotive, Fintech, and Logistics

eXperience a true Sense of Community

There’s no better feeling than feeling like you’re at home, while at work.


Our .NET Ecosystem

The technology ecosystem is continuously evolving, so what matters the most is your drive to keep yourself up-to-date. If you’re passionate about .NET, then our community is the right place for you whether you’re a desktop, web, or mobile developer. 


Most of the projects that we tackle are primarily on .NET Core, and we build all kind of applications using a variety of technologies: 

  • Programming Languages: C#, C++, F#
  • Frameworks: .NET Framework, .NET Core
  • Web Development: Web API, Microservices, Blazor, ASP .NET Web App
  • Desktop Development: Windows Forms, WPF, UWP
  • Mobile Development: Xamarin
  • Cloud providers: Azure, AWS
  • Machine Learning: ML.NET
  • Database: Entity Framework Core, NHibernate, SQL Server, Oracle  


We are focused on delivering high-quality solutions. This is why clean architecture, design patterns, and best practices are essential to us. If you guide your carrier by similar values or always wanted to learn the art of writing a clean code, our community is the place to be.


“Better Together” is one of our core values, and knowledge sharing through community meetups is the key to continuously developing our technical skills.


.NET teams are making an impact


One of our customers is a US designer, manufacturer, and marketer of high-end professional tools. We helped them to build multiple online platforms for the end-users to complete their daily activities faster, with more flexibility. Orders, payments, customer management and reporting are just a few of the functionalities that made the entire selling process more manageable. Recently, we added a new aspect to the client’s business by extending their working model with two new mobile applications. The scope is to connect the business representatives with their customers, allow transactions, and enhance communication between parties.


Another successful partnership started in 2008, and Cognizant Softvision has helped this customer become one of the leading US-based technology companies that provide cloud-based services for remote control, home automation, and monitoring services. 


We were part of the device engineering team. We managed to grow from a security panels integrator to a fully-fledged edge device integrator expanding the range of services from home security & automation to managed routers and gateway devices.


We are always excited to work with different teams to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Cognizant Softvision successfully introduced our modern pod structure to help another customer modernize an extensive list of applications. The puzzle included scanning and evaluating the architecture, authorization, code security and quality, integration with different API Gateways or third-party services. In the end, we achieved high-performance web applications with swift APIs and services used by the business worldwide.


Sense of Community