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Our Enterprise Coffee Ecosystem

There’s a high chance you’ll have a head start on any of our projects if you’re already familiar with the technologies relevant to Enterprise Coffee (see below). This means you’ll already know part of the frameworks used, and with that you can focus more on understanding the business of the application. 


If you’re not an experienced user quite yet, there’s still time to learn, using the list below as a starting point. For example, although Java 8 is typically the most widely used version, your learning should concentrate on the newer versions – keeping you up to date and allowing for an easy transition when the project inevitably evolves its tech stack.


Most widely used technologies: 

  • Java 8 and 11 
  • Spring 5 – core platform 
  • Kafka 2 and AWS SQS – messaging 
  • JPA / Hibernate – connection to a relational database 
  • Oracle – the relational database in question 
  • ElasticSearch – acting as a proxy for full text searches 
  • JUnit, Mockito, TestContainers – unit testing and integration testing


There’s so much more involved with Enterprise coffee that you could be an expert on, from running projects in the AWS cloud, or utilizing S3, EC2, RDS, SQS and Lambdas, to coding in Git, or using MVC, perhaps it’s using Factory, Builder, Facade, Singleton, Observer, Decorator and Proxy to keep your code clean, flexible and extensible. You may manage your CI by Jenkins pipelines, in which you might have a Sonar check configured or excel by using Jira for issue management because working Agile is never a straight line. 


No matter what your preferred technology or approach is – our community awaits your expertise. 



Our Projects


Our client, a well known luxury beauty retailer  that was facing revenue loss due to their monolithic e-commerce architecture. Our team of experts developed a massive e-commerce platform that supports all their different sites for their brands and countries (more than 500 sites with different functionalities and features with millions of users). 


The micro-service oriented platform serves the capabilities of full online shop and we established it by utilizing JDK & Frameworks (Java 10, Spring + Spring Boot (web, integration, data)), AWS stack (SQS, SNS, DynamoDB, API Gateway, ELB, SES, Lambda), ElasticSearch.


One of our clients has as a mission to enable end-customers in making the world healthier, cleaner and safer. Our team helps them with this mission by enabling them to move away from their legacy monolith and into a micro-services oriented architecture, by revamping a part of their e-commerce platform functionalities. 


In order to accomplish this, we’re utilizing Java based frameworks like Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, SpringDoc OpenAPI, TestContainers and cloud services from AWS, like RDS, S3 and EKS.


Our client, an IoT industry-leading company provides cloud based services for remote control, home automation and monitoring services. Our team of Enterprise Coffee experts re-architected their core business platform which acts as a gateway between end users, central servers and home automation devices to meet the performance and scalability needs of millions of consumers and businesses. 


The advanced distributed platform supports most of the widely used protocols: HTTP, MQTT, ZIGBEE, ZWave, etc and was accomplished by utilizing JDK & Frameworks (Java 8, Spring) to significantly improve the performance of the platform.


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