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Who we are

One of the largest DevOps Communities

Deep and wide knowledge base

One of the fastest growing Communities

There’s no better place for you to grow. Let’s grow together!

Driving our culture on various projects

Industries like e-commerce, banking, insurance, and Hi-tech, many of which are Fortune 500 companies, benefit from our expertise.

We have credible expertise

We’re in the know with all things DevOps including the latest tech (Cloud, Serverless systems, IaC, Kubernetes)

Work with really experienced engineers

We hire the best of the best - and you’ll get the great opportunity to learn and share ideas amongst colleagues

eXperience a true Sense of Community

There’s no better feeling than feeling like you’re at home, while at work.


Our DevOps Community Technologies Ecosystem

We work with many different clients, and there are no two identical projects, especially from a DevOps perspective. Which means our community gets to flex their knowledge in surprising ways!


But, more than what tools we work with, we think what actually matters is the ideas we work with. We believe in having not just the infrastructure, but everything written with code, automating anything that a machine can do, and in turn, developing scalable, resilient systems.


How we achieve this is depends on the context of each project, but you will most often find technologies like:

  • AWS or Azure
  • Terraform
  • Jenkins, CircleCI
  • Ansible, Chef
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes


We are constantly combining technologies we know with technologies that are new to us to achieve our objectives and deliver on the expectations that our clients expect us to understand their obstacles and objectives and come up with solutions and the correct technologies.


As leaders in the space, our teams work on development, migration, refactoring and greenfield projects, in a variety of industries. 


By joining the DevOps community, you’ll make design decisions, use your experience and problem solve skills alongside a team that cares while learning. Is there any other way to really be a DevOps engineer?


Our Projects


Our client, a well known luxury beauty retailer was facing revenue loss due to their monolithic e-commerce architecture. Our team of experts  architected and developed a scalable e-commerce platform that supports all their different sites for their brands and countries (more than 500 sites with different functionalities and features with millions of users) – from scratch.


Our DevOps team re-architected and deployed the entire infrastructure in AWS and then established a highly-scalable CI/CD strategy. 


Fun fact: we created the Jenkins pipelines dynamically using Python and currently have >6000 Jenkins jobs, each one servicing as an atomic as possible function.


One of our clients, one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, wanted to improve and automate their integration with the partner dealers. 


Our team helped create a fully serverless system that exposes their internal APIs to their external clients, leveraging cloud services to provide automatic scaling, self healing, and high availability. 


The tools and technologies we used to achieve this include AWS services (API Gateway, Lambda, S3, Cloudfront, ECS, Cloudwatch), Terraform, Terragrunt, Jenkins, Serverless framework, NodeJs, Typescript.



Our client, an American clothing company known worldwide, was having difficulty reconciling information from multiple inventory repositories. 


Our team developed a service to merge both structured and unstructured information from separate sources, in order to provide reliable and accurate inventory data. 


We successfully delivered a solution that works using technologies such as Java 11, Spring Boot,Resilience4j, Apache Kafka and AWS cloud services like Lambda, RDS Aurora, Redis and S3.


Sense of Community