Communities Model

Our communities model goes above and beyond sharing best practices via various activities

It’s about bringing harmony between the projects we work on, our career trajectory and all the activities we do inside the community.

It starts from individuals and personal development, evolving us into a community in the true sense of the word. We, as individuals, are very different one from another and we work best when we see the whole of our skillset being nurtured and put to a good use, on every level.

Communities provide the right context, opportunities and tools for this. And you’re the craftsman empowered to take charge of your evolution.

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Sense of Community

Inspire, Enable, Empower & Build Pride

The strong sense of community is nurtured through different types of activities, that engage our colleagues on different levels.

Our Online Platforms


Our Communities

Our cross-functional experts work together in Communities – fostering growth and idea sharing amongst each other with the foundational purpose of serving excellence in software product engineering. As technologies evolve, innovation becomes more competitive, and talent shortages remain steady, our communities allow us to scale craftsmanship amongst our experts, giving them a place to connect and the autonomy to thrive both personally and professionally.

Our communities are globally connected and locally represented at every Cognizant Softvision studio – setting the strategic direction, solutioning and support for our client accounts. They are a teaching system where everyone builds together. Being part of a Cognizant Softvision community means joining a group of people with similar skill sets, designed to help gather and share knowledge – expanding the expertise and careers of its members and ultimately fueling the growth of our business.

So, to Sum It All Up...

You will get the chance to...

Explore lots of project opportunities

  • Our projects allow you to embrace a consultant mindset and bring innovation on the table
  • Our community model enables you to get exposed to different projects & industries
  • Your role is important to the entire process; bringing an architectural and tech stack approach
  • Our culture is built with professionals with a strong technical experience
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Mentorship & training for you to conduct or enjoy

  • Coordinating TOJ (Training on the Job) & Pre-employment programs
  • Mentoring less experienced team mates or participating in Upskilling programs
  • Driving community projects that will impact all your colleagues, help conducting CSR initiatives or innovative POCs for potential clients
  • Access to various e-learning platforms
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Drive your career to the next level

  • You can be a tech influencer, a speaker or participant at the most renowned conferences across Romania
  • Write inspiring articles and become a published author or a video creator (e.i Quick Code Wednesday)
  • Working in our Communities accelerates your professional growth through a personalized career path
  • Be part of the digital transformation of Forbes’ Top 500 clients
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