Bridge the gap between developers & operations

Legacy IT organizations get the sad moniker of “the department of no.” They work with bloated infrastructure and are driven to constantly cut costs, lose the flexibility to make rapid changes driving responsiveness and innovation to a halt. Cognizant Softvision looks at DevOps differently: we combine our expertise with agile processes, benefiting on the mindshare of the entire guild and not just the specific engineers assigned to the project. This approach results in us being able to move quickly and constantly level-up. The results are effective and truly transformational, which is why companies like AT&T, Hortonworks, Metabiota, Mozilla, Seagate, and HG Data trust in Cognizant Softvision.




Creating a strategy and technology-based solution that involves management of both hardware and software as well as network infrastructures to promote an efficient and lean cloud to deliver the speed and quality that users expect and demand.


Shift your business from large-scale, project-based implementations to automated processes, streamlined IT, and continuous delivery with our team. By uniting development and operations’ teams we are able to release software faster and more reliably.

Continuous Integration & Delivery

Deploy a CI/CD pipeline to deliver quality applications with a consistent and automated way to build, package, and test them. A further automated delivery process to enable easy and confident deployments is then applied for maximum efficiency.


Guild Insights


Cloud & DevOps Jobs