Women Take the Stage at Programmers’ Week 2020

Thirty female speakers, two talks about gender bias and the first all-women panel discussion will take part at the sixth edition of Cognizant Softvision’s largest technical event 

Women and technology are not always two terms paired together. In fact, the percentage of women in tech positions in the U.S. is a mere 26%, whereas the numbers in the rest of the world are higher, but men still dominate the industry. Ever wonder why the tech industry lacks female programmers? Or women in leading engineering roles? On September 17, 2020, our first women in engineering panel will put these topics on the table for discussion. Softvisioners Ines Casares, Head of Studios America, and Maria Hostiuc, Head of Studio Experience, will talk with Minerva Tantoco, Agustina Fainguersch, Annemarie Ferraro and Silvia Cristina Stegaru about role models in STEM and career shifts from hard core engineering into other roles and  other challenges women may face in the industry (Click here to register.)

The panel is part of Programmers’ Week, a weeklong celebration dedicated to the programmers of the world and their amazing contributions to the industry. As the sixth edition of Cognizant Softvision’s largest technical event ramps up, 140 Softvisioners from our studios in Romania, Argentina, U.S., Australia, Ukraine and India are preparing their discussions, looking forward to  sharing their knowledge and expertise. 

Among the 30 female speakers at Programmers’ Week is Ioana Chiorean. On September 14, 2020 our QA Community lead from the Cluj-Napoca studio talked about the unconscious bias of technical positions and shared some best practices on how to identify personal bias, how to address and how to fix it when needed.

Over 8,000 miles to the west, Marina La Rosa, our UX Designer from the Buenos Aires studio, has similar concerns. On September 18, 2020 she will deliver a presentation about bias-free artificial intelligence. From her perspective, the way in which many virtual assistants like Alexa, Cortana or Siri were designed to “be” women reinforce gender violence, misogyny and gender roles. “Is it possible to design genderless, neutral assistants? How do we want to think about these technologies in the future and help reduce the gap and inequality?,” asks Marina (Click here to register.) 

Can a couple of intelligent questions start a big change in society? At Cognizant Softvision, we’re hopeful that the answer is yes. That’s why in June 2020 we launched our Women’s Guild, a platform that works to elevate the experience of our 740 female colleagues around the world. Programmers’ Week is the perfect opportunity to take the stage and let their voices be heard! Join us on September 14-18, 2020 and #DareToCode with these fantastic women.

Want to know what’s in store for Programmers’ Week 2020? Click here to see the full agenda and subscribe to Cognizant Softvision YouTube channel to see the recordings of our external talks.


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“Women in Engineering Panel: Fostering Diversity In Tech”

When: Sep 17, 2020 09:00 AM ET

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AI and Gender Bias, by Marina La Rosa

When: Sep 18, 2020 10:00 AM GMT-3 (45 minutes)

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