Feb 2, 2018 · by James Williams

The CPG Imperative: Digitally Transform to Remain Relevant

The 6 steps for CPG Digital Transformation

Amazon’s impact on how people buy is having a dramatic impact on how consumers discover, evaluate and purchase products. Amazon leverages their intimate knowledge of the customer to make the experience personal and maximize wallet share. They are the new intermediary between you and your customers as traditional resellers get squeezed out of the market.

The end result for your company is shrinking margins and market share. It is no longer acceptable to rely upon anonymized customer data provided by resellers: you must establish direct and intimate relationships with your customers. Businesses that are not actively reinventing themselves to capitalize on digital will, in all likelihood, not be in existence in five years.

Key Takeaways:

  • Consumer product companies have had little direct relationship with their customers. Now they are getting locked out of their customers’ mindshare as brands lose importance to the frictionless experiences offered by the likes of Amazon.
  • Establishing intimate, direct relationships with your clients is imperative
  • As your digital efforts mature, data creates an exponential growth of business intelligence
  • Old methodologies applied to new situations lead to disaster
  • Maturing your own digital team will make you a laggard
  • Caveat Emptor: Choose your partners wisely

At Softvision, our cross-functional teams of top talent develop close partnerships with our clients to help them attain digital maturity and not merely follow trends but lead the industry as pioneers.

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