White Paper – Retail Digital Transformation: Adapt or Face Extinction

How digital transformation can help you survive in the age of retail disruption

The current retail climate is frankly brutal, and how a company deals with technology can enable differentiation and success. Retail customers want to engage on their terms and expect to do so through elegant digital experiences. This requires a Transformation in how retailers engage their customers both online and in stores.

Key takeaways from White Paper:

  • There will be 22.5 billion connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices by 2021, and Retailers must be prepared.

  • Shoppers are impatient with traditional experiences and want to engage on their terms.

  • Building elegant personalized digital experiences to engage online and in your stores is possible with the right approach.
  • Learn from stories of Retail’s most successful brands how they drive their businesses forward by enabling digital product design at velocity.

Client examples from Neiman Marcus, and other well-known brands

At Softvision, our cross-functional teams of top talent develop close partnerships with our clients to help them attain digital maturity and not merely follow trends but lead the industry as pioneers.

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