What Exactly Is User Experience?

Watch Programmers’ Week 2021 Presentation, “UX 101”

As a UX designer, I often find myself explaining what I do to those unfamiliar with the profession. The User Experience discipline is relatively new, and for this reason when I talk with friends or family about my career, they often ask me, “What exactly is UX?” 

So, when I had the opportunity to speak at Programmers’ Week 2021, Cognizant Softvision’s largest tech event, I chose to give an introductory talk about the field of UX design. The goal was simple: to give a simple but useful presentation for two types of people – those who don’t know anything about the discipline and would like to learn about it and individuals working on any other part of the creation of a product, such as developers, QAs and business analysts.

Since Programmers’ Week presentations are free and open talks, it was a good way for people to access the basic knowledge that I wanted to share. The session was available to both colleagues within Cognizant Softvision and an external audience, giving me a platform to inspire people to use technology as an ally. After all, technology plays a fundamental role in our daily lives, so perhaps we should consider how to best integrate it and use it to generate a positive impact.

As a UX designer, I have the chance to use creativity and technology to create experiences that can make an impact. But, what exactly is UX design? Watch this presentation to find out.