Feb 6, 2018 · by Vicentiu

VueJS – New Is Always Better

Getting started with VueJS (and why to use it)

Every day we run into new technologies on the Web, so staying on top of what’s new is getting even a bigger challenge moving forward.

Below I’m going to walk you through a quick introduction into Vue.js. Presentation links can be found below the video.

Here is a short summary:

  1. Why Vue.js
    – Here we discuss the paradigms of today’s frameworks and where Vue.js is positioning itself.
  2. Getting started
    – In this chapter, we’re presenting a couple of key traits of the framework, such as Conditionals, Input and model, and how to get started quickly.
  3. More Features
    – Diving into more features of Vue.js
  4. Benchmarks vs. other frameworks
    – In this chapter, we’re going to hit Vue’s throttle to the max and compare its performance to other frameworks and libraries.
  5. Practical Example
    – A practical example is included, also available on GitHub.

Vue JS Lifecycle diagram – Click here

Benchmark testing – Click here

Benchmark results – Click here

Example app – Click here

Example source code – Click here

Who is using it? – Click here

Components and Libraries – Click here

Vue.js full guide – Click here



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