The Payment Source Highlights the Post-Pandemic Era of Digital Payments

Softvisioner Karla Ch’ien understands that COVID 19 has taken a great deal away from us in the past 12 months, but explains how, from a digital payments perspective, it has opened new doors for innovation and creativity.

Cognizant Softvision’s Director of Client Solutions, Karla Ch’ien, was recently featured in The Payment Source discussing digital transformation during the pandemic, how lifestyle developments have changed the way consumers interact with businesses, and how the expectations and threshold for the consumer when it comes to the digital payments experience have risen dramatically.

In the article “The pandemic has opened myriad doors for payment innovation,” Karla reveals that “As consumers are becoming more reliant on apps and mobile devices in their interactions with businesses, the expectations and threshold for the consumer when it comes to digital payments experience has risen dramatically.”

She also makes it clear that she believes “[w]e will see stronger relationships and partnerships between payment apps, banks, consumers, and the businesses consumers patronize (even if it’s on Zoom).”

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