The Holy Grail Of Cross-Platform Technology?

WebAssembly’s Powerful Set of Capabilities

For decades, web browsers have relied on three basic building blocks – HTML, CSS and JavaScript. But the modern web experiences of today demand performance and scalability requirements that our predecessors did not encounter. Today’s websites and web applications call for cross-platform technologies that offer speed and security, while allowing for zero configuration and easy integration into a range of development platforms. 

Does this technology exist? Is there, in fact, a holy grail of cross-platform technology?

Enter WebAssembly. A “binary instruction format for a stack-based virtual machine,” WebAssembly is a form of JavaScript that the browser can interpret directly, resulting in a huge boost in performance. WebAssembly’s key capabilities include:

  • Portability
  • Openness
  • Security
  • Polyglotism (support for multiple languages)
  • Near-native performance

According to Cognizant Softvision Technical Director and Enterprise Guildmaster, Shaun Walker, “WebAssembly is a technology that everyone should be watching with great interest…it is likely that WebAssembly will become an essential but complementary tool for all forms of software development including web, mobile, and desktop.”

While WebAssembly is fairly new, the technology could be well on its way to becoming another official language of the web. Learn more about WebAssembly in Shaun Walker’s 2021 Programmers’ Week presentation here: