The Future of Beauty Tech with Perfect Corp.’s Adam Gam

Cognizant Softvision’s Exclusive Interview at SXSW 2019

At SXSW 2019, Cognizant Softvision spoke with Adam Gam, VP of Marketing at Perfect Corp., makers of the popular beauty app, YouCam Makeup. YouCam Makeup lets users discover, try, share and buy beauty products, powered by augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Solving Consumer Pain Points & Increasing Basket Size
With the YouCam app, users can try on 30 shades in 30 seconds. In this digital environment, the in-store experience is brought to users’ homes via their phone, also helping to solve consumer pain points involved in in-store shopping experiences.

Some retailers are using the technology in-store, with “Consultation Mode.” In Consultation Mode, shoppers can try on all the products from a specific brand while at the counter. Another technology retailers are adopting is a Web API that is built into their ecommerce site. Through this “Web Custom Mode,” online shoppers can try on the SKUs that they’re seeing on the retailer’s site. This helps increase basket size and reduce returns since customers have more confidence in what they’re trying on.

What Technologies are Changing the Beauty Industry?
According to Adam, the future is artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“When you take AI and you combine it with AR, it unlocks a whole new universe of things when it comes to beauty technologies, specifically.”

This concept of “Beauty 3.0” is being launched this year at Perfect Corp. With AR and a camera phone or mobile device, technology could look at customers’ skin and do shade tone matching, recommending proper foundation color, or could even perform a skin analysis, helping to select the right products for consumers.

Retail is also investing in hardware solutions, such as magic mirrors and kiosks, but consumers will also have the technology on their phone. According to Adam, it’s “very omnichannel” – people are discovering and trying and shopping all of the time.

“The process is never ending…and it’s a way to kind of jump in, whether you’re using your mobile device or a hardware solution that a retailer might incorporate,” says Adam.

Adam also sees Geofencing in the future for inventory management and Beacon Technologies, which can let customers know when special events are occurring in-store.

To learn more about the evolution of the beauty industry and view the full interview, click here.

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