Teaching old devices new tricks

Softvision's first Whiteboard Wednesday presented by SVP Bret Cunningham

Check out Softvision’s first Whiteboard Wednesday presented by our SVP of Digital Consulting, Bret Cunningham. Learn how Softvision leveraged old world devices and enabled IoT-like interactions to solve a common struggle retailers have today to modernize in-store checkout and engagement.

Bret Cunningham

SVP of Digital Strategy & Solutions
Bret is responsible for our Global Strategy and Solutions team, runs Marketing and Communications, and leads Softvision’s Innovations and Labs program. As head of Strategy & Solutions, Bret runs our global digital product teams and brings Softvision’s best creative, industry and technical domain leaders together to define and implement solutions for our clients. As Brand Ambassador and head of Marketing and Communications, Bret oversees go-to-market strategy, demand generation, and the Softvision brand. He leads our Labs team, where we partner with clients to infuse innovation into their business, and implement rapid prototype programs that deliver and test ideas with velocity.

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