Sparking progress and productivity at 2NHack 2020

Virtual event connects students, mentors and industry professionals to tackle real-life problems

Cognizant Softvision was proud to sponsor the AI hackathon in Romania, where teams use Artificial Intelligence to build products with real applicability. Organized by Codette, 2NHack 2020 brings together old friends and new mentors in a hackathon, which this year took place online on Discord.  

Regardless of participants’ preferred programming language, 2NHack aims to use at least one AI component to find practical solutions to real life problems. The hackathon connects people from various fields and degrees of experience, ranging from students to industry professionals, and encourages diversity in an environment that sparks progress and productivity.

The projects developed during the hackathon should have real life applicability and this year’s program partners, Cognizant Softvision, Systematic and Adobe, suggested the following themes:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Continuum of Care  (concerning hospital/social services software)
  3. Education AI & Technology Support in Troubling Times
Opening session

The virtual opening session held on Friday, October 30, 2020 included Softvisioner, Maria Hostiuc, Head of Studio Experience who joined the launch sharing a positive message, encouraging participants to push our limits and to always continue rising. “Should it be the case that something doesn’t work as expected and you are on the verge of giving up, remember these words: perfection is the enemy of good,” noted Maria. 

On Friday evening, participants with project ideas presented their plan and what they needed in terms of collaborators throughout the hack. As a result, by the end of the day, 12 teams were formed during the Crowdfinding stage and they started coding the following morning. Each team received a text and a voice channel on Discord to communicate with their teammates, as well as with the Codette mentors and volunteers.

The next morning, mentors presented their skillset in a Zoom conference, outlining their area of expertise and in which ways they can be helpful. A Q&A session followed, where a popular topic included how to best prepare for a job in AI and what career options are available in Romania and abroad. 



Twelve teams with brilliant ideas were formed at 2NHack2020, with projects ranging from a physical distancing app, how to diagnose respiratory problems via x-rays, breast cancer detection, a chatbot for health checks, and a school assistant using RPA Automation. 

From these teams, all but one managed to create an end product to present it to the jury. The 11 teams which presented their project received awards. The award for first prize is 4000 EURO, 2000 for second place and 1000 EURO for third. Other prizes included smart watches, Cognizant Softvision swag and Material Kit Pro Developer Licenses. 

The first place team, Between Us, presented their inventive concept on a physical distancing app. Second place went to Everybody Exercise Now! for their idea on video generation for healthcare, a platform which would help users correctly execute sport activities at home. Third place was awarded to team DrugUser for their ideas on classification of drugs based on their biological activity.

To continue actively supporting the participants, some of the teams will join the radio show “The City Speaks” airing on Radio România Cultural, during the section dedicated to Codette community taking place weekly on Thursday morning. The members of the winning team, Between Us, have already participated in the show and discussed the solution created by them to highlight physical social distancing, said the organizers. 

Final thoughts

Learn more about the hackathon experience by checking out the photo album from previous years and visit the Codette Facebook page, to find the videos of the most notable moments from the 2020 hackathon, such as: the program launch event, the Friday ideas pitches, the Sunday final pitches and the award ceremony

The original article is in Romanian and can be found on the Codette blog. Read the companion blog article, also in Romanian, describing 7 Reasons Why You Should Join an Online Hackathon.