Softvision Increases Productivity & Reduces Costs for Oil & Gas Company

Softvision worked with our client’s geologists and engineers to create software that enabled them to make better decisions, resulting in higher productivity, lower costs and an increased rate of drilling accuracy.

One of our clients is an international group of energy and petrochemical companies that aims to meet the world’s need for more and cleaner energy solutions. The company has an average of 86,000 employees in over 70 countries, and produces 3.7 million barrels of oil equivalent per day. One part of their business is the exploration for and extraction of crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids. It also markets and transports oil and gas, and operates the infrastructure necessary to deliver them to market.


  • Average of 86,000 employees in 70+ countries
  • 3.7 million barrels of oil equivalent produced per day

The energy and petrochemical company’s teams of geologists and engineers relied on several third-party software to retrieve and view their data in order to make decisions. Much of the functionality of the software wasn’t required or needed for their daily use, which resulted in a lot of clutter and unwanted use of space. The company needed a tool that could enable the geologists and engineering team to make better decisions with the data they had on hand.

Softvision began by interviewing our client’s geologists and engineers to learn as much as we could about their workflow and what they would like to see improved. The Softvision team then took the employees’ feedback to create UX flows, initial wireframes and the prototype for the new software we were developing for our partner. Using the Scrum framework, the Softvision development team was able to rapidly adapt to changing business requirements and iterate based on direct user feedback, eliminating lengthy rework on both design and functionality. The software aims to narrow the focus by prioritizing and presenting data that is applicable and valuable to the team.

Softvision Guilds:
Softvision’s practice areas, called Guilds, pull the right experts to build high-performing teams for our partners. Those agile delivery teams, or Pods, work as cross-functional teams to “Transform while they Perform.” Each Guild is a world-class community of expert talent in an area of expertise. For this partnership, the following Guilds led the delivery success:

Softvision’s software combined multiple legacy, desktop-driven applications into a single point of entry for technicians and engineers. The software provides near real-time alerts of well status to inform geologists and technicians of any deviation from plan, saving significant time and resources. The new software results in a raise in productivity, lower costs per well and an increased rate of drilling accuracy.

Softvision worked hand-in-hand with our client, using a synchronized Agile delivery model to deliver complementary components to the platform. As a result, there is a strong “one team” mentality in which Softvision and our client’s software developers regularly interact and collaborate.

At the close of the project, the company has a planned rollout of the software across their exploration and production group in North America, and there’s potential for global roll out. The company also committed to phase two of development, which started in May of 2018.


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