Softvisioners’ Stories During the COVID-19 Crisis: Rachele Bonzi

Rachele Bonzi, assistant to Cognizant Softvision CEO on the importance of staying connected through technology

Most Softvisioners’ roles and responsibilities have shifted somewhat during the last month, but for those who usually travel and organize trips, client visits, events, and conferences around the world, daily routines have suddenly been altered completely. Rachele Bonzi, assistant to Cognizant Softvision CEO, Andres Angelani is no exception. 

“This is the first time in my career that I’ve gone through something like this and I’m very happy with how executives and colleagues are trying to make sure nobody is affected too much about this new reality,” says Rachele, who joined Cognizant Softvision in February of 2019. 

Like many others around the world, Rachele has been working remotely for some time now. She has replaced her routine at the Austin studio for her home desk, where she has been active and connected. These days, Rachele is less concerned about logistics and commuting time (i.e. how much time it takes for Andres to get from the Hudson Yards studio in New York to Chicago, Bucharest or even Bangalore to meet face-to-face with clients), but instead, how Andres’ schedule can best accommodate calls and video meetings with these clients.

“Cognizant Softvision is a company that highlights technology. We’re used to having Zoom meetings and working with Virtual Pods and teams that are spread all over the world,” she explains.

Among the appointments and trips canceled was Cognizant CEO, Brian Humphries‘ visit to the Bucharest studio in Romania. The trip, like many others, was postponed and replaced with a virtual experience. For Rachele, this is an example of the good mood and optimism she perceives in the digital environment. 

“We try to do our best and make sure that we can still connect with clients, colleagues, and peers in a very smooth and efficient way so no one feels pressure about this situation, which is already very stressful,” she concludes.

However, for Rachele, the pandemic means much more than working from home and taking other preventive measures. Rachele is Italian and her family lives in the Lombardy region, near Milan, the epicenter of COVID-19 in Italy. Her mother, a radiologist, works in a hospital that is now being used solely as an emergency room to treat 45 patients recovering from the virus. 

“My main concern, as you can imagine, is that she’s not so young anymore and there’s a shortage of personal protective equipment. The good thing is that everybody tries to maintain a positive attitude, to look at the numbers and say ‘Hey, we’re getting slightly better so let’s try to stay home as much as possible and help those who can’t.’ This way it’ll be over sooner”, Rachele reveals.

Rachele also has a sister who is studying for her Ph.D. in Saudi Arabia where the university campus, as well as most of the local activities, has been locked down due to the pandemic. 

After witnessing how her family members and her home town have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Rachele’s new personal objective is to try and encourage Americans to stay home and to share the importance of social distancing.

Rachele explains, “If we don’t practice a strict social distancing, this is going to be longer and much more painful, so let’s just face the situation; the more sacrifices we do right now, the sooner all of this will be over.” 

Fortunately, Rachele finds in technology an easy way to stay calm and optimistic.  

“We’re so lucky to be interconnected. Staying positive, for me, means being together while staying apart. It’s critical to stay in regular contact with everybody and especially with the people who might feel lonelier. Technology is an exceptional weapon we all can use in these difficult times. It can make us all feel less alone, less worried and can really help everybody to keep up with the situation.” 

Despite our physical distance, at Cognizant Softvision we encourage our people to remain united and vigilant. We know, in this new reality more than ever, that we are always better together.


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