Simplified User Adoption for Data Visualization

ShilohNEXT is our studio in Arkansas that helps the world's largest retailers optimize their business performance by leveraging their data analytics and machine learning solutions.

In every business, there are real challenges surrounding the implementation of new technology. Implementing new technology is a necessity to even stay in the game, much less to support your efforts to boost sales and increase productivity. The only way to maximize the capabilities of the technology, you MUST have rapid and corroborated user adoption. No matter what the amazing capabilities of the new technology are, it is worth nothing unless it is adopted and utilized.

In the Consumer Packaged Goods industry, specifically the retail analytics software area, we have seen companies struggle to raise the bar and maximize their potential by investing in the best state-of-the-art retail technology solutions available, only to see it fail. It is frustrating and defeating for users and company stakeholders alike.

Most companies spend time and money for training, but the adoption just does not happen. There are several factors that can affect user adoption. Most of the users aren’t angry or malicious, they are just resistant. Maybe they have loyalty to another tool, the new tool is too complex and will take too much time to learn or they may think they can be more productive using their current technology.  Turnover is a very real factor as well.  Often the scenario is that the employee with the knowledge to use the tool leaves but does not pass the information along.  At that point, the technology can quickly fade into the shadows and the new users don’t even know what they have, let alone how to use it.

After taking all of this into consideration, Shiloh developed a data analytics solution designed for the end user AND the company in mind.  A tool that users are familiar with, and understand its functionality and capabilities and can start using right away.

ShilohNEXT XL Connect is our solution for quick adoption and ease of use for daily analytics. This powerful add-in allows you to access, consolidate and analyze your data all from within Excel’s familiar environment, then publish and schedule your documents for distribution by the ShilohNEXT platform. XL Connect is perfect for easy user adoption, requiring less training due to Excel’s popularity among business professionals.


  • All-In-One Single, Familiar Environment
    • Migrate Data
    • Build and Schedule Reports
    • Manage Master Data Files and More
  • Easier User Adoption/Quick to Train
  • Integrate with Subscripted Data Sources
  • View Your Loading Status
  • Utilize File Change Features: Checking In and Out, Locking And Approvals Via Email
  • One-Click Access to Your Data Pipeline Master Data Management Features
  • Easily Refresh/Edit Reports on The Fly
  • Ability to Share with Other Excel Connect Users
  • Unlimited Queries in a Workbook (Within Excel Limits)

If you are ready to take the NEXT step for quick user adoption in data analytics, you are ready for ShilohNEXT XL Connect.

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