Real-Time Event-Driven Microservices

Shaping the Needs of Future Analytics Supporting AI and ML

For the seventh year, Cognizant Softvision went beyond with our week-long event dedicated to global developers and software engineers. Programmers’ Week 2021 was filled with inspiring keynotes and specially-curated tech talks and discussions, all focusing on professional development, training, industry knowledge, and trending technologies. 

Throughout Programmers’ Week, Cognizant Softvision experts from our global studios shared their insights and knowledge. Deepak Kaushik, Senior Data Engineering Lead, joined the event lineup to share his expertise on microservices.

During his presentation, Deepak discussed:

  • Use cases for real-time event-driven microservices
  • Best practices
  • Architectural design patterns 
  • Using Kafka to create data streams
  • Utilizing real-time event for data streaming, analytics, AI, and ML

When it comes to event-driven machine learning, Deepak reveals a crucial factor– data. 

“The most important question is ‘how do we get the most data?” said Deepak.

“If you get the data right, then you have your data scientists working on the data to build the machine learning or AI algorithm that you’re looking for.”

To learn more about real-time event-driven microservices, watch Deepak’s full tech talk here:

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