Reach Your Goals and Get Ahead of the Competition

5 Steps to a Successful Design Sprint

In today’s evolving digital landscape, there are both daunting challenges as well as opportunities for companies. Many companies are now looking for new ways to take advantage of these opportunities, bring their business future to life and get ahead of the competition. A design sprint can help get you and your company started.

A design sprint is a phased framework that encourages fast collaboration between team members of different disciplines. By applying service design methods, you can:

  • Shortcut the endless-debate cycle
  • Test concepts
  • Get past internal roadblocks by making the future tangible
  • Gain key learnings quickly
  • Reach clearly defined goals and deliverables
  • Kickstart innovation in a competitive market

But how do you get started? Try these five steps toward conducting a successful design sprint:

  1. First, pose questions to understand the business problem, and the potential and current users of the product.
  2. Generate a wide range of ideas to fulfill the business and user needs. Then narrow and focus the ideas.
  3. Decide which ideas will provide answers to the questions posed by the sprint.
  4. Prototype only the ideas necessary to have a better understanding of the problem space and answer questions.
  5. See how users react and interact with the prototypes to understand which route to take with the product.

This process brings innovative thinking to the forefront and revolves around the user of your service or product. By focusing on your most impactful customer journeys, creating tangible prototypes and developing an execution plan, you’ll make your vision tangible.

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