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QA Community Monthly Challenges

An opportunity to learn new skills and increase communication & technical knowledge

The Cognizant Softvision QA community was born to bring together colleagues passionate about manual and automated testing technologies. This group provides a context in which everyone can get involved and contribute with their knowledge and passion.

One important activity among the community is the Monthly Challenges. This idea was taken from “30 days of testing”, an initiative that became famous around the world for getting testers to focus their learning on a specific topic for a period of time…typically 30 days. Cognizant Softivision’s QA community created something similar: members choose a theme from a testing area and, for every  workday that month, propose a challenge for that topic. Everyone has the opportunity to be involved and it’s a great way to interact with each other, while also learning new skills and technologies. 

The first theme was Security testing in 2018, and many more came after!. Aside from the challenges, the community also holds a Tech Talk or educational discussion by both international and local speakers for each selected theme.

12 months of Monthly Challenges!

For  the past 12 months we’ve seen a lot of interaction we will have even more participants as time goes on! 

A look inside the monthly challenges

Number of participants: 56 different participants within the last 12 months

  • Automation challenge :33 different participants
  • Avg. of different participants / month:5
  • Most active participant attendance cadence: 6 months
  • Most active month: 18 participants


  • Accessibility
  • Automation – for both practitioners and advanced
  • API – for both practitioners and advanced
  • Back to basics
  • Mobile
  • Agile
  • E-Commerce
  • UI/UX
  • A/B
  • Web
  • Performance
  • Christmas edition

 Upcoming themes: Negative, IoT etc…


Other than the challenges, it’s been beneficial to have a talk on the same topic in that same month – During the talks either an associate from Cognizant Softvision showcases their work, or an external speaker is invited to share more from their experience and knowledge.

A look inside the monthly Tech Talks

  • “Dealing with Data in Performance Testing” – Bogdan Veres
  • “Once Upon a Time, There Was a Website That Only Worked on Safari” – Sergiu Logigan, Oana Maria Arbuzov & Ciprian Ciocan
  • “A/Bout Bucket Testing” – Cristi Bordianu & Claudiu Daj
  • “No Workarounds!” UI/UX from Validation Testing Perspective” – Florin Cirtina, Adina Petridean & Richard Florea
  • “Behind the Scenes in E-Commerce” – Andrei Musca, Hajnal Daniel & Dan Talnariu
  • “Stardust Platform and Automation Approach” – Emanuel Pruker, Adrian Rosu & Dan-Calin Lupse
  • “Manual Mobile Testing – inspired from true stories” – Marina Culeasca
  • “Learn Automation Testing. Start with the Basics” – Nicoleta Ungurusan
  • “Learning Styles and Methods” – Pop Ramona
  • “Getting to Know an API” – Dan Valentin Talnariu, Alex Colta, Sergiu Tarnovan & Marius Lehene
  • “Value and Metrics in Automation” – Dorin Pop, Radu Pop & Alexandru Belean
  • “Intro into Accessibility Testing” – Stefan Judis 

A word from the participants! 

I encourage folks to step in and get engaged into monthly challenges. For me it was a fun and productive experience. Sharing from my own, and learning new things from folks who actively posted (and btw, big thanks here guys!). From the theoretical tips and tricks, and down to tech stuff, you’ll definitely find something that can help you develop further. So be part of it, you’ll like it! ” – Dan Valentin Talnariu, A/B monthly winner

When I first saw the WebChallenge I liked the topic and I said, “Let’s do this!” I considered it an excellent opportunity to learn new stuff about web testing. I didn’t see myself as a web expert, but I definitely know more things now. We had plenty of amazing posts for this challenge (which I assume only made things harder for the jury) and I’d like to thank you all for the consideration and for the inspiration! I encourage anyone to participate. Find a challenge that you like (even if you don’t master it completely), break the ice with a first post and everything else will come out naturally!” – Cristina Barnutiu, Web monthly winner

It was a pleasant and productive experience. A great way to challenge myself and find more about UI/UX importance in development.” – Florin Cirtina, UI/UX monthly winner

“Participating in the monthly challenge was fun and I learned new things while doing my own research and from other people’s posts. I wish more people would participate in this event and stop viewing it as daily spam ” – Nicoleta Ungurusan, E-Commerce monthly winner

This was a brief info about our activities and in the next lines I would like to share my point of view from a participant, to a winner and then to one of the organizers of these activities. First of all, there was just an idea, then that idea came to reality as the QA Community Monthly Challenges. What should be kept in mind is that you can’t lose, because even if you are not winning that month, you are a winner. You win new things, new skills, you are improving yourself. For me this means a win.

In the end, a big thank you to the other organizers for their involvement and for the hard work necessary in order to provide some pretty nice challenges each month:

  • Ioana Chiorean, QA Community Lead
  • Adrian Vaiesu, QA Lead
  • Daniel Finta, QA Lead 
  • Sergiu Logigan, QA Engineer

Meet some of our winners!


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