Programmers´ Week: Get To Know Our Cloud Speakers

Softvisioners, Ramona, Radu and Nihal, to be featured on the first day of Cognizant Softvision's largest tech event.

Programmers’ Week is a week-long celebration dedicated to the programmers of the world and their amazing contributions to our industry. The seventh edition of Cognizant Softvision’s largest technical event includes over 150 tech talks, presented by the very people we are honoring – programmers. Day one of the event focuses on Cloud content exclusively. Get to know a few of our speakers and tap into the Cloud superpower!

Nihal Ansari

The full stack developer and architect from Sydney, Australia inaugurates the first day of the event with a presentation focused on the history and overview of blockchain, major players and communities and learning resources. As one of our newest Softvisioners, this is his first experience at Programmers’ Week. 

The theme for this year’s event is #GoBeyond, and for Nihal it’s synonymous to “simplifying tasks, especially those that we do again and again. From a client point of view, it translates to cost savings and better processes.”

Don’t miss Nihal’s talk, “Blockchain for Enterprise”

When: Monday, September 13, 3 PM AEST (55 minutes)

Radu Mazilu

A time zone away, Radu joins us from his webcam in Bucharest, Romania. “In a serverless environment using API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB and ECS among others, we developed disaster recovery capabilities and because of the advantages of these technologies we achieved a solution that has a very low cost, no downtime in case of a disaster, and no data loss,” anticipates the DevOps community lead. 

“There are two parts to what really inspires me to go beyond in my professional life,” adds Radu. “One part is that I like things done well and I don’t settle for a solution that is not satisfactory. That drives me to search for whatever technology, pattern or application is needed to make something that really works well. The second part is that I am passionate about technology, which means I am up to date with trends and new releases, and I can use that information to provide the best solutions for our clients,” he concludes.

Don’t miss Radu’s talk, “Disaster recovery in a serverless environment”

When: Monday, September 13, 2 PM EEST (55 minutes)


Ramona Maxwell

Day one of Programmers’ Week 2021 starts winding down with Ramona’s presentation. Based in San Francisco, US, the enterprise architect is the12th speaker of this Cloud-intensive day. Her 55-minute tech talk is an opportunity to learn about Container Image Support for AWS Lambda, a further boost to your serverless computing strategy which allows you to deploy large workloads running as Lambda functions.

From Ramona’s personal perspective, going beyond is about prioritizing family and, from a professional point of view, is the opportunity to help businesses transform their IT landscape in order to achieve efficiency and profitability. Ramona works with dedicated client teams whose vision of what is possible remains out of reach until they engage with Cognizant Softvision. “Then it is our privilege to provide skilled teams to architect and build new solutions, bring governance and process improvements and lift their operational maturity as a part of their digital transformation,” she points out.

Don’t miss Ramona’s talk, “Lambda to Go – AWS Adds Containerized Functions”

When: Monday, September 13, 3 PM EDT (55 minutes)

September 13-17 and September 20, 2021, Ramona, Radu and Nihal will join 100+ Softvisioners delivering external Tech Talks during Programmers’ Week, a six-day event filled with amazing activities. The event honors all of Cognizant Softvision’s technical colleagues, their expertise, and the company culture, which continually encourages and empowers knowledge sharing.

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About Programmers’ Week

What began as a way of recognizing the 256th day of the year, also known as International Programmers’ Day, Cognizant Softvision’s Programmers’ Week has now become a week-long celebration that honors those who bring invaluable expertise and insights to our company. 

Our largest technical event, Programmers’ Week is dedicated to the developers and software engineers from around the world who share their passion and commitment to engineering and delivering amazing software products. 

For the first time this year, Programmers’ Week will feature Cognizant Softvision Product Day, a day dedicated to learning about all things product-related, including demos, discussions on new product technologies and approaches, and successful implementations. 

 #GoBeyond with us. Join us for the seventh edition of Cognizant Softvision’s Programmers’ Week, filled with thought-provoking keynote speeches, enriching tech talks and discussions and meaningful connections.

Want to know what we have in store for Programmers’ Week 2021? Click here to see the full agenda.


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