Programmers’ Week: Get To Know Our Automation Speakers

Softvisioners, Kurt, Paul and Adrian, to be featured on the second day of Cognizant Softvision's largest tech event.

Programmers’ Week is a week-long celebration dedicated to the programmers of the world and their amazing contributions to our industry. The seventh edition of Cognizant Softvision’s largest technical event includes over 150 tech talks, presented by the very people we are honoring – programmers. Day two of the event focuses on Automation content exclusively. Get to know a few of our speakers and tap into the Automation superpower!

Kurt Martínez

With eight years of experience in the IT industry, Kurt started out his career as a developer in Manila, Phillipines, and had an obsession with  QA as soon as he was introduced to test automation. As one of our newest Softvisioners, this is his first experience at Programmers’ Week. “My expectations are that the event will be filled with passionate speakers and wonderful ideas. And for me, I’ll do my best to communicate the message of my presentation while having fun in the process,” the lead quality engineer exclaims.

The theme for this year’s event is #GoBeyond, and for Kurt, it’s synonymous with loving what he’s professionally doing. “If going beyond is actually doing more, then it’s a pleasure for me to continue doing so. It doesn’t actually feel like work if you enjoy what you’re doing,” Kurt concludes.

Don’t miss Kurt’s talk, “Designed To Adapt: Future-Proofing An Automation Framework”

When: Tuesday, September 14, 11 AM PST (55 minutes)

Paul Grizzaffi

As a principal automation architect, Paul is following his passion for providing technology solutions to testing, QE and QA organizations, including automation assessments, implementations, and through activities benefiting the broader testing community. Although this is his first time at Programmers’ Week, Paul is an accomplished keynote speaker, international conference speaker, and writer.

For Paul, going beyond in QE is the equivalent to applying technology so that performing testing tasks can be more effective or more efficient, or preferably both. “This often means going beyond the test-case-to-test-script paradigm and really looking at how technology can assist humans to deliver better software,” he points out from his virtual office in Dallas, Texas.

Don’t miss Paul’s talk, “Like A Cake, Automation Is Good In Layers”

When: Tuesday, September 14, 3 PM EDT (55 minutes)

Adrian Suhov

Similar to Kurt and Paul, Adrian is also a rookie at Programmers’ Week. He’s a DevOps engineer and has been working his entire life with the Microsoft tech stack. From Windows Server to Azure, and Azure DevOps to PowerBI, he’s tried to become better and better at using their tech over the past six years. “It’s probably impossible to master all of them, but I like to dream big,” says Adrian from his current location, Timișoara, Romania.

The main inspiration for Adrian to go beyond is knowing that he can look anyone in their eyes with the confidence he did the best he could. “To not cut corners anywhere, to be honest with yourself and with everyone around you and then to see the results – that’s what inspires me.” 

Don’t miss Adrian’s talk, “Deliver with Azure DevOps in under 60 minutes”

When: Tuesday, September 14, 3 PM EEST (55 minutes)

September 13-17 and September 20, 2021, Kurt, Paul and Adrian will join 100+ Softvisioners delivering external Tech Talks during Programmers’ Week, a six-day event filled with amazing activities. The event honors all of Cognizant Softvision’s technical colleagues, their expertise, and the company culture, which continually encourages and empowers knowledge sharing.

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About Programmers’ Week

What began as a way of recognizing the 256th day of the year, also known as International Programmers’ Day, Cognizant Softvision’s Programmers’ Week has now become a week-long celebration that honors those who bring invaluable expertise and insights to our company. 

Our largest technical event, Programmers’ Week is dedicated to the developers and software engineers from around the world who share their passion and commitment to engineering and delivering amazing software products. 

For the first time this year, Programmers’ Week will feature Cognizant Softvision Product Day, a day dedicated to learning about all things product-related, including demos, discussions on new product technologies and approaches, and successful implementations. 

 #GoBeyond with us. Join us for the seventh edition of Cognizant Softvision’s Programmers’ Week, filled with thought-provoking keynote speeches, enriching tech talks and discussions and meaningful connections.

Want to know what we have in store for Programmers’ Week 2021? Click here to see the full agenda.