Apr 8, 2020 · by Ioana Chiorean

Personal, Social and Work Advice from Women in Tech During COVID-19

Members share top practices and personal tips for working remotely

Women in Tech groups are organized to leverage their local communities and to showcase local female leaders and engineers. Women in Tech Cluj describes its mission in the simplest way as “Learn, share and support.” So indeed, in these challenging times, the community already working from home or dealing with remote teams stepped in to share some tips and tricks that others can learn from to make the “new normal” a little easier to adjust to. 

As a Project Manager and Community Lead at Cognizant Softvision and a proud member of the local Women in Tech community in Cluj-Napoca, I know that the Women in Tech community is a very diverse one, similar to the IT field as a whole. So, we at Women in Tech Cluj, invited several specialists, business analysts, delivery managers, community leads, designers, developers, and marketers to share their top advice, and we added some local sustainability actions that we all can do to support those in the fields which are more affected these days. 

One of the founders of Women in Tech Cluj, Melania Moldovan, spoke about the importance of community support during our discussions, saying, “With an abundance of information about working from home available, seeing words of wisdom from industry peers that share events, talks and everyday industry nuances would make it feel more powerful. As a world, everyone is in this together – so keep learning, keep sharing and keep supporting your local tech community.”

Personal, social and work-related tips and tricks from Women in Tech

I drove an effort to gather and share tips and tricks for #workingfromhome, which led me to contact some local women in tech. The advice I received was so useful that I thought I would create mind maps for their advice to share with everyone. 

Keep it sane

Whether we’re talking about communities of family and friends, of volunteers or work colleagues, we need to help each other! My personal words of advice? Take care of yourself, then of those next to you!

Management tips when working remotely

Here are some valuable pieces of advice for those in management roles from my colleague at Cognizant Softvision, Carla Nadastean, Delivery Manager. She is also a proud member of Women in Tech Cluj.

Helping from home

Melania Moldovan, one of the Women in Tech Cluj founders, gives her thoughts on how we can help ourselves and each other. Melania believes that with these simple actions shown in her mind map, we can make a real impact.

Organized design while working from home

Mirona Filip, Head of UX/UI Design at a local company and member of the local community of Women in Tech reveals her top tips on organized design while working from home, including one very important piece of advice – “be proud of your work!” Remote working tips

Vivianne Haschi is a popular Women in Tech speaker who led a session last June on “Managing remote teams.” Here are some of the main takeaways from that session.

Work. Eat. Relax. Repeat. 

And last, but not least, here are Women in Tech Cluj member and tech marketer, Corina Stirbu’s thoughts and tips for fellow women in IT while we all stay home.

Corina encourages her fellow members to continue sharing their ideas and tips, saying, “Our community stands united, and in these days while many of us are working from home, some of our members thought to share from their experience. We will add some pieces of advice more on different sides of this remote working. Do share from  your experience with us and we will add it up, too!” 

We started this initiative with a message from our members and we’re looking forward to seeing yours.

Share your top practices and personal tips with us in the comments below! 

Ioana Chiorean

QA Community Lead
Ioana Chiorean is a QA Community Lead at Softvision, based out of the Cluj-Napoca Studio in Romania. Ioana studied at the Universitatea Tehnică, Cluj-Napoca, and has been on the Softvision team since 2010. Ioana is often invited to speak at tech conferences, workshops and meetups, and she enjoys inspiring others.
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