Partnership Leads to Healthcare Communication Innovation During COVID-19 Crisis

Cognizant Softvision helps develop an Android application to improve communication for healthcare workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our client is a leading clinical communication software company that was founded with a simple idea– to improve hospital communication with smartphones. The result was a complete care team collaboration solution. Our client has various communication solutions, including a platform that creates a streamlined, secure communication system for the entire care team, whether they are working inside or outside the hospital. This consists of backend, web, and mobile solutions. Another platform, a mobile application, connects caregivers inside the hospital via VoIP calling, alert notification, and secure text messaging all on an easy-to-use, hospital-owned smartphone.


  • Founded in Sarasota, Florida
  • Offers collaboration, analytics, management, and integration solutions for healthcare teams
  • Healthcare communication bridges the gap between technology and care

The Challenge

We started working with our client in 2009 with two pod members working on Blackberry development. Due to the client’s continuously growing business, our collaboration continued to expand, bringing us to over 35 pod members working directly with our client. 

In the winter of 2020, the COVID-19 virus began spreading across the world and the U.S. By April 2020, one of our client’s regular clients in Boston, MA, had set up an offsite medical center to ease the influx of COVID-19 related patients. The thousand-bed center was built for homeless patients with COVID-19 who did not require hospitalization in an acute care facility, as well as post-acute patients.

The new center was an exhibition center that transformed into a hospital. Naturally, it came with many challenges as it wasn’t initially built for this purpose, including how to ensure communication among the healthcare workers, volunteers, and the hospital. The center sought collaboration with our client to define a product that is HIPAA compliant, safe and easy to use, and easy to deploy and configure.

Our Solution

Our pods from our Cluj-Napoca, Romania studio jumped into action. Having a deep knowledge of the client products, we needed to properly configure our testing environment with Azure VPN’s, proxy, and RDP in order to set up the enrollment environment. In order to be able to create the testing strategies and the test cases by the time the testing started, all functionality had to be implemented quickly.

After many discussions, brainstorming, training, and environmental problem-solving meetings, all the necessary information was created and finished the testing strategy and test cases for the entire system. 

Once the product was ready to be released, the medical staff realized that most of the COVID-19 patients that were going to be admitted to the offsite facility had no mobile phones or devices with a SIM card. 

Our virtual pods were in constant, real-time communication with the project management, testing management, and the testing team using Slack. After several collaborative meetings, a new product idea was born. Replace the mobile device having a SIM card with 300 donated Samsung tablets, which would lead to the development of a new Android application.

To develop the new application, we had to take into account HIPAA compliance regulations. Creating a complex testing strategy and test cases proved to be a challenge when working around the regulations, but after numerous discussions and collaboration with the internal developers, we gathered all the configuration information and were able to successfully deliver everything that was required. 

We pulled in the right experts from the guilds network to build a high-performing team called a pod, that enables the most expeditious delivery of the go-to-market solution. 

Each guild is a world-class community of expert talent in an area of expertise. For this partnership, the following guilds led to the delivery of success: 


The end solution proved to be a success, so much so that at the close of the project in May 2020, a similar solution was to be implemented for iPhones at another hospital in Massachusetts. In addition, a new version of the product may be developed to be customized if needed, depending on the evolution of the pandemic.  

As a result of our successful collaboration with our client, there are new projects under discussion. One of them revolves around transferring a legacy application to a web-based environment using the latest technologies in the form of .NET Core and Angular 9. The other project involves setting up an in-person testing laboratory in one of our studios. This lab will contain real hospital equipment and will be used by our experienced team to do various configurations and end-to-end testing.

We look forward to our continued collaboration with our client and helping improve healthcare communications, leading to better patient care.

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