Our Summer Internship Experience

Internship program bridges the gap between academia and real-world engagement


This article was written by Ritvik Ambekar, a member of the 2022 Dallas summer internship cohort

Our summer 2022 cohort was comprised of 14 individuals from all around North America, coming from as far south as Florida and as far north as Canada. We got to know each other and familiarized ourselves with the tech stack we were going to be using.

That first month long block was split into two sections. We spent three weeks learning Git and using technologies like the React and Spring Boot frameworks in order to create a monolith (an older relic of how to work within a development cycle). The creation of this monolith gave us firsthand experience why this old way of developing a project was outdated and slow and taught us why we should use microservices instead. The last week of the first block taught us the benefits of microservices, and we learned how to split up our monolith into these separate microservices.

The next month was the project phase, which built on top of the training, technologies, and languages we’d already learned, in order to create a project that would be fully built and deployed by our cohort.

The project manager of this phase, Emmanuel Wiggins, led standups every day and organized enablers to help us with any tough tasks that we faced. Throughout the next four weeks, we faced a lot of challenges, but through the help and teaching of our enablers and peers, we built a structured project that we were able to show in action at the end of our eight-week journey.

All in all, our internship was jam-packed, but we still had lots of fun. We were exposed to a variety of different personalities and a new professional work environment which helped us grow as professionals, and hopefully as people. As we return to our respective schools around the country, the values and knowledge we gained will stay with us forever.