Jun 23, 2020 by Andres Angelani

Our New Normal On International Women in Engineering Day

CSV celebrates International Women in Engineering Day 2020

International Women in Engineering Day began seven years ago with a simple mission: to raise the profile and awareness of women in engineering, and help bring much needed attention to all of the exciting career opportunities available to women and girls.

In years past, we have held external events and internal celebrations, all of which were supported with social campaigns. 

We are nearly halfway through 2020, and depending on where you live, COVID-19 has overwhelmed every aspect of our lives for the better part of the year.  A few examples:

  • Those of us who are parents have had to help our kids with distance learning, quizzing them on history or fractions in between Zoom calls; 
  • Many others have been forced to take shelter with multi-generational family members, managing prescriptions and meal prep, to better care for each other.  
  • And of course there are those of us who have found a way to practice yoga, have lunch, binge Netflix, and write new code… all from the same room!  

Every one of us has their own, unforgettable story, if not several, that will remain with us long after we return to some form of our former BC (Before COVID) lives.

Yet two things are certain and consistent across the board: 

  • We have all had to find creative ways to be productive while working remote, and 
  • Our new normal today looks very different from our life before the pandemic.

Because of COVID-19 and the impact it has had on our entire organization, particularly our women engineers, we decided to do something a little bit different this year for International Women in Engineering Day.

We asked our women engineers to help capture the essence of their ‘new normal,’ and share with us one specific image and picture that best depicts their life nearly 120 days into a completely distributed team (and shelter in place) environment brought on by coronavirus. 

The result is a beautiful and timely photo exhibit, an arresting mosaic that demonstrates how Cognizant Softvision women engineers work, how they play, how they teach, how they cope, and how they take care of themselves and their families during these difficult times. 

Curated by our talented Buenos Aires-based Visual Designer, Paula Fernandez, the photo exhibit is entitled “New Normal,” and can be accessed here. 

Paula captured everyone’s images through a similar ‘lens,’ using one of our primary tools for staying connected. 

Each image was captured by Paula via Zoom, and helps give each photo in the exhibit a unique but similar look and feel. 

Our technology platforms are our brushes and our canvas… they are how we continually deliver for our teams and our clients, and it’s fitting that Zoom is the inspiring vehicle that we use to discover this exhibit. 

The 2020 global theme for this year’s International Women in Engineering Day is #ShapeTheWorld, and is meant to encourage everyone to share stories of how engineers are shaping the world and helping to make our planet a better, safer and more innovative and exciting place to be. 

Cognizant Softvision is proud to participate in this year’s INWED campaign, and we’re even more proud to recognize our women engineers, and shine a distinctive light on what their new normal looks like.

In addition, we welcome your feedback and look forward to seeing your new normal – share it with us using the hashtag, #CSVShapeOurWorld.

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