How Mozilla is Building Innovation into their Digital Products

An Insider’s Tips on Keeping Pace with Innovation

Mozilla, the non-profit organization that owns and delivers Firefox, aims to create products that make a connection to their users while maintaining their mission – to keep the web open for people and to fund open innovation.

One such product is Mozilla’s upcoming Firefox Focus app, for Android mobile devices. Focus not only is “super fast and super private,” but the app web app offers privacy. People have an emotional connection to privacy, as it’s a value that everyone can appreciate.

In a recent presentation, Mozilla’s Senior Mobile Engineering Manager, Susheel Daswani, revealed how they constantly innovate to make connections with their users.

Daswani’s tips on keeping pace with innovation:

  • Plan up front: Mozilla builds their roadmap out six to seven releases ahead
  • Be flexible: With fast updates, you can move features from one update to the next if need be
  • Get feedback: Put your new product in at least ten people’s hands to get their critiques
  • Ask for help: To maintain the fast pace of innovation, have a trusted partner help with the workload. Mozilla entrusts Softvision with QA testing to put the product through its paces and deliver a quality product.  
  • Challenge your employees: Curate an environment that focuses on innovation and put your employees up to the task

As Daswani pointed out, it’s hard to innovate and distinguish yourself, but he believes that sticking to your principles resonates with people and can help you and your company go a long way.

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